Quebec Has Free French Classes For Immigrants — Here's How To Apply

It's complicated, but feasible!

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The flag of Quebec. Right: A Quebec welcome sign near the border with Ontario.

The flag of Quebec. Right: A Quebec welcome sign near the border with Ontario.

So, you need to learn French. It's a reality many of us eventually must face, perhaps even more so as François Legault's CAQ enacts more French-language protections — like requiring the government to exclusively communicate to newcomers in French after their first six months of being here. Thankfully, the province offers free French classes you can register for online, so you can finally order un café like a francophone.

What free French classes are offered in Quebec?

There are plenty of part-time, free French classes dedicated to immigrants available, and they can be found on this handy map. If you want full-time French instruction, the government offers classes that take 25 to 30 hours per week, five days a week and last between eight to twelve weeks in total. The Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration pledges to find immigrants language-learning opportunities tailored to their French level and location.

Who's eligible for Quebec's full-time French classes for immigrants?

You're eligible if you're 16 years old or older, you were born outside of Canada and you're currently living in Quebec, according to government resources on the topic.

How do you register for Quebec's free French classes?

To register, immigrants need to fill out this form, which is available through the government website. You'll need your immigration documents as well as your Social Insurance Number (or Individual Tax Number or Temporary Tax Number) on hand to complete your registration. If your application gets refused, you can request a reconsideration... in French only. Ha ha.

Where are Quebec's free French classes offered?

Courses are offered at a range of educational institutions as well as online, depending on your need, location and ability level. Upon registering, you'll receive confirmation of your eligibility and confirmation of any financial support you're getting. More on that right now!

Does Quebec pay immigrants to learn French?

If you manage to register for a class and you ask for financial support (barring certain circumstances expanded upon on the government website), you can receive up to $205 per week of the course. You can also get $25 per week for transportation costs, and $25 to take care of childcare... unless your childcare provider is your spouse. Then, you don't get sh*t. Congrats on having a supportive partner, though!

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