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Rupi Kaur Is Coming To Montreal & We Can Already Feel The Palpable, Delicious, Existential Angst

"Strangers gathering in a room together and discussing what hurts lifts the weight off."

​Rupi Kaur on stage. Right: A selection of her books.

Rupi Kaur on stage. Right: A selection of her books.

You can keep an eye out for Rupi Kaur in the streets of Montreal this month. The Instagram-popular Canadian poet will be stopping in the Plateau as part of her world tour.

Fans can catch the New York Times best selling author recite her works — part angst-ridden, part balm for the soul — on December 14, accompanied by fellow poets Zoey Roy and Nēlla Tetam. The show will feature theatrical spoken word performances interlaced with original music scores and stand-up.

"Depression and anxiety are such isolating and lonely experiences, but something about strangers gathering in a room together and discussing what hurts lifts the weight off," Kaur wrote about the appeal of performing her works.

"It makes the challenging moments in life more tolerable when you can see a room full of people nodding in unison… We can be hurting and lonely, but we are never lonely alone, we are never hurting alone, and there is community who understands."

Kaur's poetry explores love, trauma and migration, drawing from personal experiences. Most of her works are short and simple reflections that are easy to remember and can serve as personal mantras.

In the eight years since Kaur published her breakout best seller milk and honey (2014), three more books have joined the collection selling more than 11 million copies in total and being translated into over 43 languages.

This year, Kaur released Healing Through Words, full of guided writing exercises to help readers make their own poetry to process trauma, loss and heartache.

Tickets to her Montreal show are available online, starting at $50 (plus tax).

Rupi Kaur World Tour

When: December 14, 2022

Where: St-Jean-Baptiste Church, 4237, avenue Henri Julien

Cost: starting at $50 (plus tax)


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