Montreal's New ‘Rolling’ Plant Shop Comes Right To You & Brings A Flora-Party On Wheels

The Rolling Pop-Up is about to change the plant-buying experience forever. 🌱🌱🌱
Montreal's New ‘Rolling’ Plant Shop Comes Right To You & Brings A Flora-Party On Wheels

Montrealers never fail to take the old and make it new. Take The Rolling Pop-Up, Montreal's first plant boutique on wheels, as the perfect example. 

Owners Cynthia Polanco and Chef Edouard Albert Archer have managed to take the age-old plant shopping experience and make it something entirely new.

After you book in advance by sending the page an Instagram DM, they let you know when the next pop-up is happening.

There's a minimum of one per week and it goes on a first-come-first-served basis.

Then the day comes, the truck rolls up to your front door and you get to experience a perfect mix of flora, culture, entertainment, and cuisine — all wrapped up into one.

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The company's slogan is "We deliver joy to your door."

The company's slogan essentially speaks for itself and couldn't be better fitted with the concept Edouard and Cynthia have created.

Edouard is known around our city as The Dancing Chef. And as you can see from the video above — plants seem to make him just as happy as food does.

He provides entertainment throughout your plant picking experience, to make it one like no other.

And together with Cynthia, who has years of experience in event planning, they're prepping up to change the way Montrealers buy plants for the rest of time.

The Rolling Pop-Up is way more than just a plant shop on wheels — it's an event.

If you thought The Rolling Pop-Up was just a one-track-minded company — think again.

It's already not your typical shopping for plants adventure since the store comes to you instead of you going to it. But, the two owners have added their personal touches to make it an entire experience.

While looking through the plants, you'll be able to taste some of Chef Archer's fresh homemade meals and have a warm tea or coffee in hand while you browse for your newest plant friend.

"No one else does what we do. We combine the botanical world and gastronomy," the owners told MTL Blog.

Not to mention, they switch up their food menu and plant options all the time, so you'll always get something new.

During your Rolling Pop-Up time, Cynthia and Edouard will teach you everything you need to know about taking care of your plants — from watering to getting proper sunlight.

And, to ensure you have the best time possible, they can make your experience happen in French, English, Spanish, Creole, or Italian.

The owners promise the experience is COVID-safe and like nothing you've ever encountered before.

Being a business that started in the midst of the pandemic, Cynthia and Edouard have ensured that the entire experience they provide their clients is COVID-19 safe.

Only one person is allowed in the truck at a time and they always have hand sanitizer on-site.

They've also let MTL Blog know that winter won't stop The Rolling Pop-Up from rolling. In fact, we've been warned to stay tuned about the fresh ideas they have for when the cold weather hits.

For a minimum of $100, this unique experience can be your own. 

Happy flora-partying!

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