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This Montreal Company Is Making It Easier For You To Develop New Healthy Habits

You'll quickly learn the importance small routines through The Habit Society's newsletters.
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This Montreal Company Is Making It Easier For You To Develop New Healthy Habits

They say the number one thing you need to make or break a habit is consistency. But sometimes it can feel like the only thing that's consistent is how often you say you're going to change your ways and then never follow through. That's exactly where Ashley Messias and Nikki Nahoum from the Montreal company, The Habit Society, come in.

Whether you want to start doing yoga three times a week, use less screen time or maybe stop eating chocolate after dessert (guilty!) getting started can often seem like the most daunting task.

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And with all of the info out there, it can be hard to decide what is and isn't true and what does and doesn't work for you.

The Habit Society sends you a newsletter every Monday to help make every week a new week of opportunity to be the best you that you can be.

In super readable, digestible and, most importantly, entertaining sections, you'll learn some credible and totally doable tips and tricks to help turn your spurt of inspiration into something you can add to your daily routine.

Seriously, it's less than a five-minute read. Definitely a new habit you can add every Monday.

We all know that sometimes our excitement and our ideas can make us feel oh-so motivated, but when things don't come as naturally as we may want, it can be easy to walk away.

Sometimes you need someone there to help give you some motivation. Some accountability. Some friendship.

"We both had a desire to implement healthy habits that we knew we should, but had trouble sticking to them long-term," Ashley and Nikki told MTL Blog.

"We decided we'd text each other every morning to stay on track and be each other's accountability partners. That's how The Habit Society was created."

As for the duo, they say that the business itself has been so self-motivating and self-reinforcing.

"We're accountable to each other and to the business. That's what we're trying to be: We want to be everyone's accountability partners."

And in just a few short weeks since its launch, the newsletters are already making an impact, including for Montreal-based dancer and actress, Erika Prevost.

The Habit Society's creators told us, "Even if this changes just one person's life, we'd be so happy. It's bringing a lot of people hope to know to make a change, all it takes is small, simple routines."

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