This Growing Montreal College Is Still Accepting Applications For Fall 2021

You still have time to get into many of their career and pre-university programs.
This Growing Montreal College Is Still Accepting Applications For Fall 2021

For many recent and future high school graduates in Quebec, this year’s application season has been particularly stress-filled. Even more so for those who were rejected from their program of choice, or didn’t have time to decide where to apply before the cut-off date.

The good news is that you'll be getting another chance to pursue your educational goals this upcoming Fall semester since TAV College is still considering applications to many of its pre-university and career programs.

If you’re reconsidering your CEGEP options for the Fall, there are some established schools you may not have heard of before — like TAV College. This private institution is as culturally rich and diverse as the city of Montreal, making it a great place to expand your academic Horizons.

TAV offers a rich selection of DEC programs like Health Science, Pure and Applied Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Arts, Literature & Communications, General Social Science, Social Science: Commerce, Early Childhood Education, and Special Care Counselling.

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At the same time, don’t forget to check out TAV’s one-year foundational study program called Springboard to DCS, specifically designed for students who graduated with a high school diploma but are missing some of the prerequisites to get into the program of their choice.

Their Springboard program gives you the opportunity to catch up on those prereqs you might’ve missed, all while enjoying a real college experience at the same time as your friends. Talk about a win-win!

TAV is quickly becoming the private CEGEP of choice for tons of students from all over the city. Why? For one, compared to larger Montreal colleges, its smaller urban campus has a much more modest student-to-teacher ratio, making for an enriched learning experience.

What's more, TAV prides itself on being a multicultural educational institution, promoting equity, diversity and inclusion among both staff and students.

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Located in Côte-des-Neiges, TAV College will soon be composed of three campus buildings, the newest of which will be unveiled just in time for the Fall 2021 semester in response to the increased demand for its programs. Conveniently located at 6005 boulevard Decarie (a five-minute walk from Plamondon metro), the new eight-story building was designed to be a student’s study paradise with plenty of spaces to destress between classes.

And, yes, that most definitely includes an exciting and spacious rooftop lounge that'll probably become your go-to hangout spot on campus. After all, who wouldn’t want to hit the books and chill on a rooftop with some great views and sunlight?

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TAV College's new urban campus will also feature a modern library space with the latest technology integrated within the building itself. Think collaboration-inspired laptop tables with built-in power outlets. There will even be a few high-tech “study pods.”

On top of plenty of new classrooms, the C building will also house a massive student lounge center on the lower-level floor, private study rooms that you will be able to reserve, all of which feature contemporary seating designs, and many other interior and exterior designated zones to either study privately, or work as a team.

TAV will also be building two new studios for podcast recording, professional photography and video production that will also be ready by Fall 2021. All ALC (Media) students can take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and put their creative skills to the test!

Thanks to all that new extra space, TAV was also able to reimagine its existing campus building. Among other things, they’re renovating the entire 2nd floor of their A building to create a private gym just for students! The facility will be complete with a weight room, cardio room and a dance/fitness studio, as well as a private cafe where students can fuel up with a healthy smoothie after their workout.

Considering the amazing work they do to keep their campus modern, tech-friendly and filled with plenty of areas to either study or socialize (post-COVID, of course), it's no wonder why this bilingual college is worth checking out. But that’s not all...

They also offer a wide variety of AEC/career programs that are geared more towards the adult sector. This includes programs like Computer Network Management, Mobile Application Programming, Digital Marketing, Personal Fitness Training, Project Management  and much more!

With an emphasis on an individualized admissions approach, TAV makes it a point to give every student a chance at realizing their educational goals and help clarify their university or career objectives.

You can apply to TAV College online through their website.

To learn more about TAV College, check out their website or follow them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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