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You Can Get A Mountain Of Montreal Food Delivered To Your Spot In Toronto

Missing your favourite Montreal restaurant? No problem!
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You Can Get A Mountain Of Montreal Food Delivered To Your Spot In Toronto

Everybody knows that Montreal's food is amazing. So much so that when people leave Montreal, it's hard not to miss some of the city's culinary staples. That's exactly what Amir and Megan Epstein in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) thought, too.

The couple lives in Thornhill, just north of Toronto, with their three children. Amir is a Thornhill-native, but Megan is from the Côte Saint-Luc neighbourhood on the island.

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The idea came after a conversation about which city has better food — but is that really even a discussion?

The pair realized that lots of people in Toronto, whether ex-Montrealers or just people who love the food, wanted to bring a piece of the 514 into the 6ix.

And so, I Miss Montreal Food was born.

Customers can go onto the site and order for any open Thursday. Amir will drive to Montreal on Wednesday, make their rounds in their refrigerated truck and bring it back for delivery in the GTA within 24 hours.

So yeah, that's a whole lotta 401!

But it's worth it for Amir to bring people some of their favourite dishes from places like Ma Poule Mouillée, Cheskie's and, of course, you can't have a Montreal food run without bagels from St. Viateur or Fairmount.

Even though we like to tease our big-city neighbours, there's no denying there's a strong connection between the two cities.

Kinda like siblings that love to mess with each other, but will always have each other's backs.

Now the bond is even stronger and the distance between the two doesn't seem so far.

When the site launched in late-April, they had seven orders a week. Now, they're clocking in at over 100.

On Father's Day weekend, alone, they brought over 500 pounds of smoked meat from the world-famous Schwartz's Deli.

Initially, what they thought would just be something to bring some nostalgia and satisfy people's craving for their favourite Montreal institutions has turned into so much more.

"It's so interesting to get these orders are so personal with amazing stories. I didn't expect it. For lots of people, it brings back so many memories and moments from their childhood or their time in Montreal," Amir told MTL Blog.

So next time you find yourself in the GTA and you find yourself missing Montreal, you know where to go!

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