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This Seaside Casse-Croûte Is A Mandatory Stop On Your Next Quebec Road Trip

You might even see whales while you eat your fries!
This Seaside Casse-Croûte Is A Mandatory Stop On Your Next Quebec Road Trip

When it comes to places to visit in Quebec, there's no shortage of options. And, lucky for us, the roads to get to all these spots are beautiful. From secret beaches with the sea as far as the eye can see to small local shops that you can't help but admire, our province is packed with cool spots. Just like this seaside casse-croûte, which is clearly a mandatory stop on your next road trip to the North Shore or Saguenay.

This restaurant is named La Cabane du Pêcheur. It's located in Charlevoix, more precisely in Saint-Irénée, nestled somewhere between Baie-Saint-Paul and Tadoussac.

And I think it's safe to say that there's nothing more local than its ambiance.

It's a small house of only a few square feet, with an equally small terrasse, and that's enough to make this snack shack absolutely magical.

The hut is built right on the beach, so the view of the St. Lawrence River is nothing short of spectacular.

There, you can get pogos, hot dogs, hamburgers, poutines and other tasty treats.

In other words, everything you could crave after spending hours in a car.

These canteen classics are usually complemented by fish and seafood, like lobster or shrimp rolls, or fish and chips.

During the high season, this charming restaurant is open every day from noon to 5 p.m.

It's possible to eat on-site or to choose to live your Charlevoix experience to the fullest by eating your meal on the beach, which is literally right next door.

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled because it's not uncommon to see whales and other sea creatures at this part of the river.

Being four hours from Montreal and an hour and a half from Quebec City, it's the perfect spot to stop for dinner.

La Cabane du Pêcheur

Type of cuisine: Snack food

Address: 15, chemin des Bains, Saint-Irénée, QC

Why you have to go: To live an experience truly unique to the Charlevoix region, to liven up your lunch stop with a walk on the beach, and to perhaps continue your list of the best snacks in Quebec.


This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.