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Quebec Gyms & Fitness Centres Are Holding Protests Outside Their Doors This Week

They're asking Legault to consider the "physical and mental health of 8.5 million inhabitants."
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Quebec Gyms & Fitness Centres Are Holding Protests Outside Their Doors This Week

A coalition of Quebec gyms and fitness centres is planning to protest the government's choice to keep their establishments closed, saying that the government's press conference on this past Monday made them "realize that the problem was deeper than [they] thought."

A news release by Centres d'activités physiques du Québec describes Legault's choice to prolong the second lockdown by four additional weeks as a "cold shower" for fitness centres.

"Although science recognizes that physical activity is essential to overall health, Premier Legault prefers to ignore this public health fact," it reads.

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We [...] invite our clients to a "health" protest in front of our facilities this Thursday starting at 8:30 a.m.

Centres d'activités physiques du Québec 

Various owners of workout centres still plan to reopen on October 29, such as Melody Benhamou from Idolem Hot Yoga Chaud, who claims another four weeks of lockdown creates an "open door to depression."

The coalition of reportedly 260 establishments says the protests will be peaceful and follow public health measures.

These demonstrations are being held with the goal of making "the Legault government realize[...] that it cannot govern only for Covid, but that it must do so for the physical and mental health of 8.5 million inhabitants."

This Thursday's protests at 8:30 a.m. are the first step, but we're told this coalition "will evaluate the possibility of taking further action in the future."

Premier Legault made it clear on October 27 that both owners and clients of gyms and fitness centres will be fined if they break the rules and continue with their reopenings or continue working out in these spaces.

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