Quebec Has To Tap Into Its Maple Syrup Reserves, But Don't Worry, Your Pancakes Are Safe

You'll still be able to drench your breakfast.

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Quebec Has To Tap Into Its Maple Syrup Reserves, But Don't Worry, Your Pancakes Are Safe

While you might've heard the news that there's an incoming maple syrup shortage, the organization of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) put out a statement to calm everyone down. Even though the province's producers are tapping into their maple syrup reserves, there's still plenty left to go around.

Amid reports of a shortage, the QMSP in a press release said it "wishes to reassure the public that demand, both domestic and international, will be met through the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve."

The organization explained that "at the start of the 2021 season, the reserve held some 100 million pounds of maple syrup in sealed, sterilized 45-gallon barrels."

It says that "by the time the next season begins in early 2022" just under half of that reserve will still be untouched.

Established in 2000, it's there for this exact reason. Surplus maple syrup in any given season is safely stored in a 267,000-foot warehouse in Laurierville, Quebec and is tapped only in rare cases.

Then, "when the harvest is weaker than current demand (such as this year), the syrup stockpile is offered for sale to buyers," the organization says.

In 2020, the QMSP noted historic sales of maple syrup: 147 million pounds. The harvest was less bountiful in 2021. That's where the reserve comes in.

"There is no cause for concern: our organization has the tools in place to meet demand," QMSP president Serge Beaulieu said.

"Yes, stocks are lower now but QMSP can issue more taps so producers can pick up the slack. And that’s what we’ve done: QMSP is approving 7 million new taps that will enter production over the next 3 years, bringing Québec’s total to 57 million."

So, relax. There's plenty of maple syrup to go around, so don't feel bad about drowning your pancakes in the sweet stuff.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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