Quebec Is Looking At Extending Winter Break This Year

The premier said it would serve as a "kind of quarantine" for students.
Quebec Is Looking At Extending Winter Break This Year

As the number of new COVID-19 cases in the province plateaus, Premier Legault and his government are now looking at whether to extend the upcoming Quebec winter break to make "a kind of quarantine" for students after the holidays.

"Our great obsession [...] is what are we going to able to do for the holiday season," the premier said during a Tuesday press conference, explaining that more instructions for the public, as well as schools, are on the way.

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Premier François Legault

"To be very transparent, what we're looking at is to extend the vacation a bit after Christmas and New Year's Day."

Legault suggested that this extra time off could limit infections after any family gatherings that might occur during the holidays.

He also made clear that the government hadn't yet decided what permissible gathering sizes could be.

"We have a mission [...] over the course of the next few weeks. If we want to give a chance to be able to have as much family [together] as possible during the holidays, it's necessary to make efforts from now to Christmas" to control the contagion, he said.

News of the possible winter break extension comes after the premier admitted that his government was considering closing schools for a limited period of time.

"For me, it remains the last [resort]," he said on November 12. "But we can't exclude any solutions."