Quebec Is Reportedly Pushing Red Zone Curfew To Later In The Evening

La Presse is reporting that curfew will be moved to 9:30 p.m.
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Quebec Is Reportedly Pushing Red Zone Curfew To Later In The Evening

La Presse is currently reporting that an announcement about a change in the red zone curfew will be made today.

The news outlet wrote, "The curfew will be postponed to 9:30 p.m. in the red zone."

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Just yesterday, Premier Legault said he was "looking into" changing the curfew hours in red zones because of the extra sunlight we gained with daylight savings.

If the new rules La Presse reported are applied, red zone regions will be following suit to orange zones for being able to be out until 9:30 p.m. now.

So, we can likely expect a major announcement during the provincial government's press conference later today.

Are there other rule relaxations planned?

Legault recently hinted at potential relaxations to the rules currently in place once Quebecers 65 years old and up are vaccinated.

Specifically, he said, "When we will have vaccinated all people 65 years and older [...] it will be a whole new ballgame."

But as of right now, this decision has no official timeline and is dependent on the recommendations made by public health authorities.

What changes are coming up in red zones soon?

As of March 26, certain organized sports and recreation activities/centres will be able to restart and reopen. 

That means we can soon start going back to gyms in red zone regions, which have been closed since last October.

As for watching sports though, the rule for spectators not being allowed to watch physical activities, whether indoors or outdoors, is still in place.

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