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A Group Of Quebecers Is Trying To Get Sports Put At The Top Of The Reopening List

For the sake of "physical, mental and emotional" health.
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A Group Of Quebecers Is Trying To Get Sports Put At The Top Of The Reopening List

When Quebec red zone rules were first announced in early October, we discovered that organized sports would be prohibited during the 28-day lockdown, which has now been extended until November 23.

SPORTSQUÉBEC sent out a news release, which acts as an open letter to the Government of Quebec, asking that resuming organized sports be considered a high priority.

The release includes the signatures of 120 sports-affiliated groups or people, including various Olympians.

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Organized sport is about much more than just sport. It's about health: immediate, overall health—physical, mental and emotional.

Julie Gosselin, President of SPORTSQUÉBEC

SPORTSQUÉBEC's main focus is that "that organized sport be given priority in the deconfinement stages, everywhere in Quebec."

The positive effects that sports have on one's mental and physical health are brought up as reasons why the government should recognize them as necessary for Quebecers' well-being.

"[Organized sports are] a supervised, effective, healthy and safe way to reduce the isolation so many are experiencing right now, mainly our young people."

The group tells the government that they "are reaching out [...] to be part of the solution" and promise when sports are permitted to resume, "tighter contact restrictions" would be put in place.

"Organized sport provides an effective risk management tool in this pandemic chess game. Reopening measures by discipline showed success over this past summer. Clearly, organized sport can help drive the solution," the news release concludes.

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