A 620-Pound Tuna Was Caught Off The Coast Of Quebec (PHOTO)

We can't decide if we're fascinated or creeped out (or both?) by this 620-pound tuna caught off the coast of Quebec's Gaspésie region on Monday. The story was first reported by TVA.

The catch was made by Pêcheries Desbois. Fishery Director-General Myriam Cyr Desbois told MTL Blog that the fish will be available for purchase at the company's two first stores, Pêcheries Desbois in Quebec City and Pêcheries Bertrand Desbois in Matane, on Friday.

Its meat will also be sold at the company's restaurant, La Gaspésienne 51, whose lobster roll poutine was one of Quebec City's Poutine Week 2020 winners.

Desbois said the fish will bring in between $7,000 and $8,000.

Despite its headline-making gargantuan size, however, this tuna isn't the largest fish Desbois has ever caught — not by a long shot.

"I've caught a fish of more than 850 pounds but it is bigger than average and gave us a good fight!" she said.

On Facebook, Pêcheries Desbois identified the tuna as a bluefin, which, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, can grow as long as 331 centimetres and weigh as much as 725 kilograms (almost 1,600 pounds).

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