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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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A 620-Pound, Bigger-Than-A-Human Tuna Was Caught Off The Coast Of Quebec (PHOTO)

And you can eat it!

We can't decide if we're fascinated or creeped out (or both?) by this 620-pound tuna caught off the coast of Quebec's Gaspésie region on Monday. The story was first reported by TVA.

The catch was made by Pêcheries Desbois. Fishery Director-General Myriam Cyr Desbois told MTL Blog that the fish will be available for purchase at the company's two first stores, Pêcheries Desbois in Quebec City and Pêcheries Bertrand Desbois in Matane, on Friday.

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A Quebec Beach Has Adapted So People With Reduced Mobility Can Get Down To The Water Too

Why isn't this on every beach?!

The Baie de Beauport beach in Quebec City has just set an example for beaches all around the world.

The site recently unveiled a special carpet that allows wheelchair users and other individuals with reduced mobility to enjoy the beach more easily.

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You Can Get Fined For Breaking These 7 Quebec Laws This Summer

There are pretty hefty fines for some to them, too.

Let's face it, we all get so excited when summer finally rolls around that it becomes a little easier to forget about the rules. But believe it or not, laws don't go on summer vacation. That's why we looked into Quebec laws that get broken in the summer and how much fines for them could cost you.

Many of us don't even realize we break these rules — or that they're even rules at all — so consider this a little reminder to help you have an excellent Quebec summer!

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30 COVID-19 Cases In Quebec Have Come From Just One Bar

A public health official called the situation "concerning."

Public health officials in the Capitale-Nationale region announced Tuesday that a total of 30 COVID-19 cases have been linked to a single bar in Quebec City.

Dr. Jacques Girard, interim regional public health director, called the situation involving the local Bar Le Kirouac "concerning."

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National Geographic Is Launching A New Quebec History Drama & The Trailer Is Hella Intense

Take a trip back to the 1600s.

We all have "the list." All of those shows and movies that people say you need to watch and you simply reply, "Oh, sounds good... I'll add it to the list," until you have hundreds of things that you never actually see. But National Geographic's new show, Barskins, is one that you shouldn't just add, but should definitely watch this fall.

Barskins is a limited series that will air on the channel from the team that brings you the world-famous magazine.

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8 Employees At A Quebec City Costco Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

Now there's a "massive" testing effort.

The Direction régionale de santé publique de la Capitale-Nationale announced Thursday "that there have recently been eight positive cases of COVID-19 among the staff" at a Quebec City Costco. All affected individuals are going into isolation.

The regional public health authority is now screening all staff members at the store, which it says is extremely popular among Quebec City-area residents.

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