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Quebec's 'Big Brother Célébrités' Aired Sunday & Most Of Them Hadn't Heard Of Each Other

The term "celebrity" seems to be up for debate.

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Quebec's 'Big Brother Célébrités' Aired Sunday & Most Of Them Hadn't Heard Of Each Other

The grand premiere of the new season of Quebec's Big Brother Célébrités, hosted by singer Marie-Mai, took place on Sunday, January 9, allowing fans to finally discover the official contestants.

But it seems the term "celebrity" was used pretty loosely. When the contestants entered the famous house, some "celebrities" had never heard of each other.

And Quebecers took notice of such. On social networks, many viewers pointed out that there are many people in the show that they have never seen before.

One Twitter user wrote, "I love Big Brother Célébrités! This is the perfect show to see celebrities for the very first time!," which got hundreds of likes.

"It's cool! It gives celebrities the chance to make themselves known," they added.

Some viewers were happy about who they saw on the show, though, like Montrealer Kiara from Canada's Drag Race, who shared their excitement about seeing Tranna Wintour on the screen.

Queer MTL also expressed their excitement to see the transgender comedian on Big Brother Célébrités.

The full list of contestants includes Sébastien Plante, Claudia Bouvette, Guylaine Guay, Hugo Barrette, Lysanne Richard, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Stéphanie Harvey, Karl Walcott, Valérie Carpentier, Pierre-Luc Cloutier, Martin Vachon, Michelle Desrochers, Éléonore Lagacé, Eddy King, Tranna Wintour, Catherine « Peach » Paquin, and Stéphane Fallu.

Another Twitter user noted that the people on the show may not be deemed "well-known." But added that "seeing their funny and refreshing portraits, I would say on a positive note that they all win a lot by being! It'll help us get through the winter gang!"

After Sunday's episode, the public already knows that Michelle Desrochers has won the title of the boss of the house and that Claudia Bouvette, Pierre-Luc Cloutier and Marc-Antoine Dequoy are all safe for the following week.

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