These Revenu Québec Changes Could Affect Your 2022 Taxes

The changes could impact your tax credits!

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The exterior of a Revenu Québec office in Montreal, Quebec.

The exterior of a Revenu Quebec office in Montreal, Quebec.

As tax season in Canada fast approaches, it can be tough to navigate the year-to-year changes that could affect your income tax filing. Luckily, Revenu Québec has compiled a list of all changes that could affect 2022 taxes, including changes to certain tax credits and revisions to tax deduction eligibility criteria.

The provincial government has put forth a number of initiatives to help Quebecers manage rising inflation. In addition to the $500 one-time payments sent out to Quebec residents, Revenu Québec is implementing a few new initiatives this tax season.

If you used assisted reproductive services in 2022, you will now be able to submit expenses tied to those services, including medical expenses, all expenses paid to a surrogate mother or sperm donor, and any fees paid to a fertility clinic.

For those who purchased a home in 2022 and qualify for a tax credit, the credit has now increased from $750 to $1,500, Revenu Québec indicated. Further information regarding this specific tax credit can be found on line 396.

Additionally, other credits and amounts have also been increased, such as deductions for workers and the total credit amount for single individuals.

Here are the principal changes Revenu Québec has implemented for 2022:

  • Tax credit for maintaining seniors in their homes
  • Child care expense tax credit
  • Dividends from taxable Canadian corporations
  • Tax credit for taxi drivers and owners
  • Deduction for patronage dividends received from a cooperative
  • Property tax refund for forestry producers
  • Tax credit for upgrading residential wastewater treatment facilities
  • Tax credit for the purchase of a home
  • Medical expenses
  • Quebec prescription drug insurance plan
  • Additional tax credit for major cultural donations
  • Full indexation of the tax system

In addition to these changes, there are also some adjustments to the tax rates according to the taxable income brackets. The deadline for filing your income taxes in Quebec is May 1, 2023. Note that the deadline for paying a tax balance remains April 30.

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