Revenu Québec Is Accepting Advance Payment Applications For 3 Quebec Tax Credits

Meaning eligible households could get paid before they even file a tax return.

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Two people push a stroller on a snow-covered Montreal sidewalk.

Two people push a stroller on a snow-covered Montreal sidewalk.

The downside of many tax benefits and credits is that they function retroactively. Taxpayers largely won't reap the benefits of the 2022 tax year until they file a return in 2023. Perks tied to the 2023 tax year won't go out until 2024. And so on and so on. But there are exceptions. On the provincial level, Revenu Québec accepts advance payment applications for three Quebec tax credits, those for childcare expenses, senior home support services and caregivers, meaning, in some cases, people who are eligible for those programs can enjoy them well before filing their returns for a given tax year.

Conditions for advance payments vary by benefit.

In the case of the Quebec tax credit for childcare expenses, for example, eligible households have to apply by December 1 of the year before the year for which they want to receive advance payments to maximize the number of payments. So, according to the provincial tax agency, a household that wished to receive 12 advance credit payments in 2023 would have had to apply by December 1, 2022.

Revenu Québec says households can still apply for childcare tax credit advance payments for a given year after that date, but the number of payments will be reduced according to the date of reception of the application.

2023 advance payment applications for both the senior home support service and caregiver tax credits are due by December 1, 2023.

There's a long list of eligibility requirements for all threetax creditadvance payment programs. Revenu Québec lists those, as well as all relevant application information, online.

Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
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