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It seems as though we can get just about everything delivered to us in Montreal nowadays and thanks to Fuel It Refuelling Inc., we can even have our gas delivered and pumped for us!

This means there's no need to freeze your butt off in the winter or profusely sweat in the summer while pumping your own gas anymore.

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On Monday, the government made several ambitious commitments to combat climate change in Quebec and transform some sectors.

With $6.7-billion invested over the next five years, the plan lays out the groundwork to develop a "green economy" in the next decade.

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A gas leak has led the STM to shut down a busy stretch of the green line on Tuesday. Service is expected to resume at 2 p.m. between Angrignon and Berri-UQAM stations.

An STM spokesperson tells MTL Blog that the gas leak was caused by an issue related to a construction site outside the STM.

Emergency responders are currently on-site and evaluating the situation. 

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There's never been a better time to bike to work/school or take public transit. 

Not only is traffic congestion going to be extra bad in the coming weeks, but the monetary cost of taking a car has never been higher thanks to escalating gas prices. 

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Most Quebecers are probably so delighted by the low gas prices that we don't bother worrying about how much we SHOULD be paying.

Considering that last year gas prices were about $1.40 per litre, no one in their right mind would complain when prices are closer to $0.90 a litre.

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So, this new Facebook page was created 2 days ago with the name "Thegasstationmtl". We're rather unsure of what the freaking hell is going on here.

On the exact page, there is a video presenting the club and pretty much mentionning there will be Habs game played there, a night club, 6 spas? Wait what, 6 spas? And obviously, the whole thing is a gas station with a restaurant inside of it.

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The average gas prices in Montreal have been slowly dropping in the last few months.

The price of gas on the Island at the moment is ranging between $1,03 and  $1,17 per liter. This is monumental considering that prices used to hover around $1,42.

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Here's something you don't hear very often: Gas prices in Montreal are going to drop. Usually the only gas related news we get are warnings that you should fill up ASAP before prices start rising, but this time the tables have turned.

Gas prices have been falling steadily in Canada. In Ontario it's down to 80¢ a litre. They're especially lucky because there is a price war going on in the area .

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In Montreal we're starting to get used to paying more for everything, but that doesn't make it any easier put up with. We have higher cell phone bills, higher taxes and much, much higher construction costs.

Well now we can add gas prices to the list, because according to Global we're the second highest paying province in Canada, right behind Vancouver. 

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Photo cred - reddit

Sadly this morning I was greeted with pictures like this all over the internet. Cops shooting anti-austerity protesters in the face with tear gas. It doesn't matter what side of the issue you're on, no one can look at this and say everything's okay. When I first saw this picture, I was trying to figure out what was going on because I couldn't believe I was really seeing that. I was convinced that either someone Photoshopped something or that maybe the cop was holding a tear-gas launcher and the smoke and sparks were coming from somewhere else.

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Gas doesn't need to get any more expensive, but one malfunctioning gas pump in St.Jerome doesn't seem to care about how much you got in your wallet, and continues to charge you well after you've stopped filling up your tank.

Frederic Lemire, having heard about the gas pump that keeps on charging, decided to see for himself, and took a video of his experience. Not only did the pump keep tacking on more money after Lemire finished pumping, the total price went up even after the gas pump was removed from the car entirely.

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This city is packed with several commute options. As a Montrealer, you probably want to travel in a quick, easy and affordable way. You may choose to ride the STM, drive a car, walk or hail a cab. But as the day goes on, you'll often feel like there's something missing to get you from that bus stop to your office or simply to save you from walking up those insane Montreal mountains.

With car2go, Montrealers can get just that. 

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