Montrealers Can Now Get Their Gas Pumped Right Outside Their Home Thanks To Fuel It

No need to pump your own gas ever again!
Montrealers Can Now Get Their Gas Pumped Right Outside Their Home Thanks To Fuel It

It seems as though we can get just about everything delivered to us in Montreal nowadays and thanks to Fuel It Refuelling Inc., we can even have our gas delivered and pumped for us!

This means there's no need to freeze your butt off in the winter or profusely sweat in the summer while pumping your own gas anymore.

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We took a century-old business model and adapted it to the 21st century.

George Baktis, President and Co-Founder of Fuel It Refuelling Inc.

This new business model includes a gasoline delivery service using its app.

The pricing is based on the daily average of gas for the Montreal area. As usual, some gas stations might be lower and some might be higher, but the company claims it's "always within the range of local gas stations."

There's also a promotional price of $0.99 per month as a membership fee for the first year, with the first month being a free trial, making this a great time to test out this cool business.

Fuel It offers two types of service: standard delivery, which requires booking three hours in advance for the consistent three-hour time blocks, or overnight.

There's also an emergency delivery option, which costs $5.99 plus tax and fees. This will ensure that your gas is delivered within the hour.

Once the request is in, all you need to do is leave your gas tank slightly ajar, and Fuel It will take care of the rest — it's as easy as that.

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