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The David Suzuki Foundation Could Pay You $500 For A Poster About Climate Change

Open to artists of all levels!

Sign showing the Earth burning in a pan at the 2019 Montreal Climate March.

Sign showing the Earth burning in a pan at the 2019 Montreal Climate March.

The David Suzuki Foundation is looking for artists of all levels to submit poster designs that evoke an emotional response to climate change.

Winners of the "Hear My Anger" project will receive $500 each and have their work displayed next month at Espace POP (5587 avenue du Parc) from April 22 to May 6.

Winning artworks will be reproduced and put up around the city to "go beyond the controlled and privileged framework of the exhibition," according to the call for submissions. They will also be printed in a limited edition book.

The contest is open to all mediums, including digital collage and screen printing. Submissions must be sized 24 by 36 inches.

The poster format is meant to be an accessible way of conveying information that evokes the revolutionary nature of climate justice. During the Montreal Climate March in 2019, around half a million people joined the demonstration waving homemade posters.

The "Hear My Anger" project aims to tap into the sentiment and offer a creative outlet for those directly affected by climate change. The feelings ignited by climate injustice are "too often kept silent, or brushed aside as 'irrational'," according to the contest description.

Artists are asked to consider how climate change impacts them personally, how it makes them feel, and how it might be possible to achieve climate justice.

Artworks will be judged on originality, quality, clarity of concept, and emotional impact. Posters cannot include hate speech, partisan themes or a registered trademark.

Winners will be notified on April 4.

How To Apply

Deadline: March 27, 2022

Requirements: A copy of your artwork or a written description of your idea along with two examples from your portfolio, a brief description of your intended message, and a short biography.


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