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Expedia Canada is giving away 150 3D-printed replicas of Joe Jonas' hand as a symbolic gesture of its new Helping Hand initiative, which aims to let Canadian travellers know that no matter where they are, Expedia (and Joe Jonas) have their backs. 

Every hand has been created with a 3D printer, individually painted with custom artwork, hand-numbered and then signed by Jonas.

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In light of seven women being killed from domestic abuse in Quebec since the beginning of 2021, Svetlana Chernienko, a Montreal mental health advocate, shared a video where she shows a hand signal people can use to let someone know they're experiencing domestic abuse.

"This hand signal can be done silently or discretely while having a conversation with a friend even if an abuser is in another room," Chernienko told MTL Blog.

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Almost a year ago to the day, as the first cases of COVID-19 began to appear in Quebec, locals began to start panic-buying toilet paper in Montreal, along with other pandemic essentials like hand sanitizer and cleaning products. 

We knew little about the virus then and had no idea what we were in for, so naturally, panic and fear prevailed. But looking back one year later, isn't it kind of amazing that we were all doomsday preppers for a week? 

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Health Canada is warning Canadians about unauthorized hand sanitizers and disinfectants sold online by two Quebec companiesProtegel Quebec Inc. and Hangel Canada Inc. — which it says may pose health risks.

"Health Canada has repeatedly directed Protegel Quebec Inc. and Hangel Canada Inc. to stop selling and recall these unauthorized products; however, to date, neither company has responded. Health Canada will take additional enforcement actions, as necessary to stop this illegal activity," says a Health Canada statement

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With 2020's winter solstice fast approaching and Quebec's first snowfall of the year long behind us, you may be thinking of how to switch up your skincare routine to match winter temperatures in Quebec.

We get it — choosing the right products to best take care of your skin can be exhausting. With so many skincare brands competing with some of the same or very similar products, how do you choose what's best for you?

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