A Montrealer Shared A Hand Signal For People Experiencing Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

In light of seven women being killed from domestic abuse in Quebec since the beginning of 2021, Svetlana Chernienko, a Montreal mental health advocate, shared a video where she shows a hand signal people can use to let someone know they're experiencing domestic abuse.

"This hand signal can be done silently or discretely while having a conversation with a friend even if an abuser is in another room," Chernienko told MTL Blog.

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The signal Chernienko demonstrates in the video above is recognized by the Canadian Women's Foundation, which is referred to as "the violence at home signal for help."

Chernienko starts by putting her hand up to the camera, palm opened, then tucking her thumb into the palm before putting the rest of her fingers down to trap the thumb.

"It's so horrible that women are being killed because the justice system fails to do [its] job and the laws aren't strong enough," Chernienko said.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, there is help. Quebec residents can visit SOS violence conjugale for immediate assistance or call 1-800-363-9010.