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Over the past month, there has been a lot of drama surrounding the proposed Réseau express métropolitain de l'Est, set to be yet another landmark Montreal transit projects. And as with any landmark Montreal transit project, there are bound to be hiccups.

Recently, the REM de l'Est has stirred up some controversy, reportedly leading two architectural firms to quit the project. Here's what's happening.

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Montreal is a city on the cusp of a huge transformation. With several large Montreal transit projects underway that will connect the city like never before, the future is looking bright for the metropolis.

As you probably know by now, we absolutely LOVE public transit news here at the Blog and since the metro hasn't flooded recently, we thought that you'd all enjoy a run-down of four huge transit projects currently taking shape. 

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Several mega projects are currently underway that will transform Montreal's metro map. The extension of the STM blue line, and the addition of the Réseau express métropolitain and the REM de l'Est, will multiply the size of the city's rail transit network.

A map released by CDPQ Infra, the company behind the REM projects, gives Montrealers an exciting glimpse at the future of transit service. 

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On December 15, the City of Montreal, the Government of Quebec, the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) and CDPQ Infra announced a major transit project called the REM de l'Est.

The project, a major public transit extension into Montreal's east end, will consist of 32 kilometres of automated light-rail lines and 23 stations serving an estimated 133,000 people a day. 

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On Tuesday, the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) and CDPQ Infra announced a much-anticipated extension of the REM network on Montreal Island.

With 32 kilometres of rail and 23 stations, the new REM de l'Est aims to "meet a historic demand in Montréal’s east end," according to a statement shared with MTL Blog.

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