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Representatives from five of Montreal's anglophone CEGEPs and universities wrote a joint letter to Quebec's minister of higher education , Danielle McCann, demanding changes to their current working conditions.

The letter was signed by the presidents of teachers' unions at John Abbott College, Vanier College, Concordia University and McGill University as well as the vice president of the Dawson College Teachers' Union.

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The pandemic has brought many issues in the city and the province to light, including the issues of homelessness and lack of resources for shelters everywhere, including Chez Doris .

This has been particularly true since the curfew was implemented in January and the homeless population was originally not exempt from the rule.

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Treating yourself (or your besties or your loved ones) to some gorgeous jewelry is always fantastic. But knowing that you can buy stunning pieces from a local business and a portion of the proceeds goes to charities around the city ? Priceless. And that's where Mahé Jewelry comes in.

Sisters Lydia and Karine Mellata started the company from their love of jewelry and giving charity, and knew that others in the city would share that passion. Especially in times like these.

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December is generally a month spent with loved ones, wrapping up the past year while setting intentions for the new one. But with holiday gatherings cancelled in Quebec red zones , it's bound to be different this time around.

Since 2020 was a rollercoaster shitshow — complete with a global pandemic , devastating wildfires , mass protests and murder hornets — it's safe to assume the world is ready to throw this year into the trash where it belongs.

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According to Journal de Montreal , the new super hospital had a budget of $4.3 million allocated for works of art . Now, I love art as much as the next person, and it's always great to make scary places like a hospital be as welcoming as they can be. But when a hospital has had as many problems as this one has, it's seems straight up ridiculous to be spending that much on art.

Here are 13 things that the $4.3 million could have been better spent on:

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