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It's official: the Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs and that means it's time to throw on your retro jersey, grab your roomies and celebrate like you're at a Habs game IRL.

May 20 marks the Game 1 opening-round matchup in Toronto against the Maple Leafs, which is sure to be one for the books. For this game and every game during the 2021 playoffs season, the Montreal Canadiens will be hosting a whole series of events and initiatives so you can cheer on the Habs in style. 

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Premier François Legault told Quebecers at a press conference Wednesday that police forces would begin cracking down on people who violate COVID-19 public health rules.

"The warning period is over," said Minister of Health Christian Dubé at the conference, echoing the premier's statements.

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Montreal real estate prices are going up right before our eyes and if you're looking to buy a property in or around the city, you might want to act fast. $500,000 may seem like a lot of cash, but when it comes to investing in a home it's not as much as you think, especially in the city.

We wanted to show all of our readers what you can buy get a half a million-dollar budget — both in Montreal and some of its surrounding areas.

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Photo cred - claudialrudey

Have you ever wanted to be a professional model but you didn't know how to go about it? Well normally landing a good modelling job with a reputable company would require you to hire an agent, pay for a professional photo-shoot for your portfolio and attend a bunch of auditions. We have good news though, you don't need to go through all that trouble, all you need to be a model is a phone, an Instagram or Twitter account and a bit of luck.

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