Montreal real estate is made up of so many hidden gems, which is no surprise considering the 514 is so unique. Our island is filled with a mix of exquisite homes, some of which fairly obvious and "in your face," while others have a low-key charm that you simply can't help but fall in love with.

Westmount is known for its luxurious properties, and this particular residence for sale is one of the most iconic of the bunch.

The Wardleworth House was built in 1839 and was entirely restored in 2001 by Canadian Heritage Quebec.

This stunning and award-winning residence is situated on a large lot and combines contemporary chicness and historical beauty, which is a pretty deadly combination.

This rare and fabulous find is officially on the market, for a pretty penny that is.

Asking over three million dollars, the new owners of this property will not only be purchasing luxury but will be investing in a piece of Montreal history, which explains the hefty price tag.

From the moment you walk into this prestigious home, you'll be wowed by its charm and beauty.

There's also a porch off the solarium that gives one the illusion of living out a scene in a romance novel.

And, look at that stairway!

The home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and sits on 18,450 square feet of land.

This impressive property was landscaped by Stuart Webster, a renowned landscaping architect.

The outdoor lighting system is said to be what ensures that the home looks beautiful 24/7.

This story-book home exudes a ton of charm and the fact that it has been so well maintained throughout history makes this a property unlike any other.

And common, who doesn't want a library like this?

If you're someone who has a couple of million dollars to spend, or if you're looking for a historic property to call home, you might want to check out this Westmount manor.

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