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On Thursday, Health Minister Christian Dubé outlined what Quebec's vaccine passport system would look like and when it would take effect.

The purpose of a vaccine passport would be to allow Quebecers with two doses of a vaccine to access some non-essential services in the event of a spike in new cases. Here's the rundown.

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As of February 8, Quebec will be relaxing some of its COVID-19 public health restrictions. This means the province's rules are about to change... again.  

Living in a constant state of flux, it can be hard to keep track of what you're allowed to do and what might result in a $1,500 fine. But don't worry. We got you! We answered all the questions you sent to our DMs so you can prepare for the weeks ahead. 

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As the pandemic continues to intensify in Canada and new restrictions come into effect, we've put together this outline of the current travel rules that apply in Quebec, both federal and provincial.

Travel has dominated headlines in recent days as government ministers face consequences for vacationing abroad while authorities continue to discourage non-essential travel.

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In a press conference on December 15, Premier François Legault introduced even tighter restrictions in Quebec to slow the spread of COVID-19 around the holidays

Most of the new measures will be in place from December 17 to January 11 — a period Legault referred to as a "holiday pause." 

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The red zone has been called the "maximum" level of alert in Quebec's COVID-19 alert system.

Though specific red zone measures are subject to change and adaptation, the government has nevertheless outlined what they might entail.

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