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If a delicious meal that's made with love from a local restaurant and saves you a bit of cash is your ideal take-out trifecta, consider ordering something with eggs.

Eggs add a boost of flavour and nutrition to any meal. A serving of just two large eggs provides 13 grams of protein, plus vitamin A, D, E folate, iron, zinc and choline. What's even better is that they can be eaten at any time of the day: before work as breakfast, during your lunch break or while you wind down in the evening. 

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If you're into massive corn dogs decked out in toppings — like crispy fried potatoes and ramen chips — and you frequent Laval, then you're in luck because Chung Chun is opening in your neck of the woods. 

If you haven’t heard of it, Chung Chun is a Korean street food restaurant specializing in rice hot dogs. They’re wrapped in fermented sticky rice dough, which makes them “chewy and crispy,” according to a company spokesperson.

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2021 is a fresh start for just about everyone. And for some, that means finally heading to the kitchen and learning how to cook.

Cooking can seem rather overwhelming for certain people, so we decided to reach out to one of the best Montreal chefs, Chef Pamika Sukla, owner of Pamika and Mae Sri, two incredibly popular Thai restaurants in the city, known for authenticity and flavour beyond compare.

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People have always had different ways of welcoming the new year. Whether it’s dressing up for a big party or a simple night in with your S.O., it’s always been a wonderful opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and spend time with loved ones. Even better, it’s a free pass to indulge in all the tasty foods we love!

And even though this December 31, we'll be cozy and safe at home instead, some traditions remain. You still want to be sure that the food you choose to spoil yourself with lets you start the new year off the right way.

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There's a new restaurant to check out in downtown Montreal. It’s a Korean hot dog place that’s serving up your favourite street food with a twist. MTL Blog’s Alex Melki headed out to learn what it’s all about at Chung Chun Rice Dog’s Montreal grand opening.

To celebrate the new eatery, located near Concordia University's downtown campus at 1418 rue Pierce, hot dogs were on sale for the low-low price of $2.99 on opening day, November 25, though there’s a limit of two per customer.

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Hot dog hounds rejoice: a long-anticipated eatery in Montreal has announced its official opening date — and you won’t have to wait long. Montreal’s first Chung Chun Rice Dog location will officially be opening on November 25 near Concordia University's downtown campus at 1418 rue Pierce.

To celebrate the occasion, you’ll be able to get hot dogs for the low-low price of $2.99 on opening day, though there will be a limit of two per customer.

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Nothing says Montreal like a good old fashioned all-dressed steamé. But now the city’s hot dog scene is getting a new addition. Chung Chun has announced it will be opening a Montreal location.

When ordered all-dressed, our city’s signature spin on the hot dog is classily balanced with its steamed dog and soft bun topped with chopped onions, coleslaw, mustard, and relish.

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I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for a good Carribean restaurant in Montreal that gives me those vacation vibes. Luckily for us, Montreal is opening an ALL-NEW Carribean themed restaurant that is legit going to be SO popular.

READ ALSO: Montreal Will Host Quebec's Largest Vegan Food Festival

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Photo cred - Diana Haronis

Rice is an amazing food, it's so good you could eat a thousand of them in one sitting. (okay so that's not very impressive, but it sounds good) Rice is cheap, you can find it anywhere and it goes well with everything, but rice isn't as healthy for you as you might think. Even that innocent looking bowl of steamed rice carries 200 calories composed mostly of starch. The problem is that your body loves to turn starch into sugar and then into fat.

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