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A Korean Street Food Chain Is Opening Its First Montreal Location

Chung Chun is bringing its rice hot dogs to the city.
Chung Chun Rice Hot Dog Is Opening A New Montreal Location

Nothing says Montreal like a good old fashioned all-dressed steamé. But now the city’s hot dog scene is getting a new addition. Chung Chun has announced it will be opening a Montreal location.

When ordered all-dressed, our city’s signature spin on the hot dog is classily balanced with its steamed dog and soft bun topped with chopped onions, coleslaw, mustard, and relish.

Chung Chun's offerings are a bit different.

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"Our business specializes in a popular Korean street food — Korean rice dog," the company website states.

Expect "rice flour batter wrapped hot dogs, spicy sausages, all mozzarella rice dog and an option that’s half hot dog and half mozzarella cheese."

They’ve also got a bunch of different batters — like squid ink — and cheese sticks to choose from, plus toppings like fried ramen or potatoes.

And, to top it off, the restaurant has offered some tantalizing sauce combinations at its Toronto location, including sweet chili and spicy mayo.

The new Montreal restaurant will be near Concordia University's downtown campus at 1418 rue Pierce. An opening date has yet to be confirmed.

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