Montreal's New Korean Street Food Restaurant Has Announced Its Opening Date

You’ll soon be able to relish Korean hot dogs all up in your grill.
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Montreal's New Korean Street Food Restaurant Has Announced Its Opening Date

Hot dog hounds rejoice: a long-anticipated eatery in Montreal has announced its official opening date — and you won’t have to wait long. Montreal’s first Chung Chun Rice Dog location will officially be opening on November 25 near Concordia University's downtown campus at 1418 rue Pierce.

To celebrate the occasion, you’ll be able to get hot dogs for the low-low price of $2.99 on opening day, though there will be a limit of two per customer.

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$2.99 Special opening day hot dog price

Go there, and you’ll find many kinds of, "rice flour batter wrapped hot dogs, spicy sausages, all mozzarella rice dog and an option that’s half hot dog and half mozzarella cheese," the company website states.

They come rolled in such original toppings as fried ramen noodles, breadcrumbs and crispy potatoes and are served on a stick.

It's also got a bunch of different batters to choose from, like squid ink.

Another thing that sets this fast-food chain apart is its "sticky rice dough that [is] fermented for 120 minutes every morning," giving their dogs a “more chewy and crispy taste.”

Founded in 2019, Chung Chun already has locations around the world, including in Toronto and Vancouver.

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