These 5 Stores Are Closing Locations In Quebec This Year (VIDEO)

Multiple branches are shutting down.
These 6 Businesses In Quebec Are Closing Locations This Year

The temporary closure of businesses for several weeks during the peak of quarantine wasn't without consequences. Small and large companies, alike, had to make radical decisions to avoid losses. Now that we're solidly in a new reality, the shopping experience is set to change dramatically as these five* businesses in Quebec will be closing stores in 2020.

In malls and on commercial streets, we're used to finding some very popular stores, but these destinations may soon be unrecognizable.

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The overall shopping experience has already changed — getting in line, wearing a mask, and disinfecting your hands frequently is not exactly conducive to loitering and window-shopping.

Many of your favourite stores are in danger of disappearing from your usual shopping location.

While businesses have had to adapt and focus on selling online, customers will also have to change their habits by travelling further to shop and turning to the internet rather than their local shopping centres.

Among the most popular stores, La Senza and Victoria's Secret are already in the process of drastically cutting their number of locations.

La Senza stores at the Promenades Saint-Bruno, Galeries d'Anjou, Carrefour Angrignon, Place Versailles, Galeries Saint-Hyacinthe, Carrefour de Rimouski, and Place Rosemère won't be opening again.

For the moment, 15 out of 22 stores in the province have reopened.

In the case of Victoria's Secret, 250 shops will close across Canada and the one at the Promenade Saint-Bruno is still inaccessible.

Fans of Frank And Oak, which is pulling out of the Promenades Saint-Bruno, CF Carrefour Laval, and Premium Outlets by the end of August, will have to go shopping elsewhere.

If you want to go fill up your tea bag, you'll still have to buy online since all DavidsTea retail stores will remain closed until further notice. A statement from the company explained that it has had to seek protection from its creditors.

In the latest news, Starbucks will also say goodbye to several locations as part of a plan to close up to 200 branches across Canada.

For the moment, we don't know how many of those will be in Quebec.

As companies try to navigate this new reality and look for new ways to offer adequate service to customers, expect to see more announcements about closures moving forward.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

*This article has been updated.

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