These April Fools' Day Jokes In Quebec Were So Good That We're Almost Sad They Aren't True

Everyone got in on the April Fools' Day fun!

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François Legault wears a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey on April Fools' Day. Right: STM blue line extension April Fools' joke.

François Legault wears a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey on April Fools' Day. Right: STM blue line extension April Fools' joke.

Another year, another April Fools' Day. This time around, it appears as if many Quebec-based politicians, restaurants and stores took April Fools' to the next level with some pretty hilarious gags — many of which were totally believable!

From François Legault sporting a Leafs jersey all the way to Valérie Plante cleaning Montreal streets, here are some of the best 2022 April Fools' Day jokes from across the province.

STM's Blue Line extension

The STM didn't waste any time getting in on the April Fools' Day action by sharing the upcoming additional blue extension stops (or so we thought!).

"After a lot of work, we are excited to announce our final choices," the STM wrote. With five new stops on the blue line, they certainly had us with this one. But for real — when are we getting a final decision?

Beavertails' fine dining experience

While Beavertails is known for its greasy delights topped with an array of sugary goodness, they fooled us all with the introduction of their newest fine dining experience.

"Our world-famous pastry-stretching chefs will be preparing an innovative way to showcase Canadian cuisine with an elevated menu that will titillate your taste buds," Beavertails wrote on Instagram — but alas, it was all a lie.

Beachclub's new drink flavours

With summer just around the corner (OK, it's only April, but it'll be summer before you know it), that means festivals and lots of Beachclub visits. Well, Beachclub took it upon itself to give us all a bit of a fright with their newest drink flavours.

The Quebec outdoor club revealed four different flavours: ketchup, poutine, pepperoni pizza and popcorn. While all of those are delicious as food, we aren't too sure if we'd be on board with drinking them... like, ever.

WestJet's newest destination

WestJet pulled a fast one on Canadians today by introducing its newest destination... outer space!

"We're taking our commitment to affordable travel to an all-new destination: Space. Introducing WestJet-X," the airline tweeted.

While a round-trip to space would be cool (and probably VERY expensive), we'll leave that up to Elon Musk and his people.

Dominique Anglade gets her prank on

François Legault and Valérie Plante weren't the only politicians to get their gag on. Dominique Anglade also joined in on the fun, pranking a number of her coworkers.

In a video posted to Twitter, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party can be seen cutting out paper fish to paste onto colleagues' backs without them knowing — proving herself to be quite the sneaky one.

Aterlier BiscOui's cookie burger

While Atelier BiscOui makes some decadent and delicious cookies, it took things a bit too far when it introduced its new cookie burger.

"Why wait until after dinner to have your dessert? With the BiscOui Burger you get it all!" the shop posted on Instagram.

Now we love a good cookie and a real juicy burger, but together? Nuh-uh! Thankfully, this one isn't real.

Chocolats Favoris' diffuser

Chocolats Favoris pulled our leg by introducing a brand new product, an essential oil diffuser!

"We now have home fragrances pour the biggest chocolate fans," the dessert bar wrote on Facebook.

The diffuser was decked out in pretty pink packaging for its cotton candy flavour. While this ended up being a joke, we're almost sad it is, 'cause who wouldn't love a cotton candy fragrance?

IKEA's Swedish meatball surprises

IKEA is great for furnishing your home on a budget while also offering up some delish cafeteria eats for cheap. Well, they took their fan-fave item, Swedish meatballs, and created a few new products.

They introduced meatball-scented pouches, spray, soap and tea and we've got one thing to say: No. IKEA's Swedish meatballs are certainly tasty, but as a fragrance? Definitely not.

A Montreal cable car

The borough of Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce fooled Montrealers with some new alterations to city infrastructure, including a cable car right by Saint Joseph's Oratory, rapid lane sidewalks and sidewalk escalators.

Now, these are all things any Montrealer would totally be on board with, so... why aren't they happening?

St-Hubert's latest menu addition

St-Hubert is a fan fave throughout Quebec, and rightfully so. Despite already having two types of coleslaw to choose from, the restaurant introduced a brand-new menu item called "kimchou."

"Goodbye, creamy coleslaw! Say hello to its replacement: our new kimchi coleslaw," the restaurant wrote on Facebook. This was a great gag, but it's one St-Hubert should actually implement. Spicy kimchi coleslaw? Why not!

No more Boustan garlic potatoes

If there's one thing that Boustan does right, it's their garlic potatoes. Considering that some of us would literally brush our teeth with their delicious garlic sauce, it came as a major shock when Boustan revealed that they would be discounting their iconic item.

Thankfully the Lebanese fast-food chain was just pulling our leg. Phew! Now... gimme some garlic potatoes, please.

Quebec City is getting an NHL team

The best joke of the day went to Sportsnet for stating that Quebec City would be getting its NHL team back.

With so much talk surrounding a second NHL team in the province, it would be great news if the Quebec Nordiques were actually returning — but alas, they're not, and sadly so.

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