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François Legault Sported A Maple Leafs Jersey As An April Fools' Joke

The premier definitely has a sense of humour!

Quebec Premier François Legault wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey.

Quebec Premier François Legault wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey.

It seems as if Quebec Premier François Legault started the day off right with his very own April Fool's joke.

Legault took to Twitter to share a photo of himself sporting a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey — which is quite the no-no when you take into consideration the long-standing NHL feud between the Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.

"Go Leafs Go!" François Legault wrote. The premier also added in a fishing emoji, hinting at today's April Fool's festivities, or "poisson d'avril" as it's said in French.

Now, while it's no secret the Habs had a pretty rough start to the season, it's still not enough for Legault to start repping a Leafs jersey! Luckily, it was all in the name of fun.

The premier also went on to receive a few hilarious responses, including one commending him for his bravery.

"You're very courageous" Simon Cote responded with a wink emoji.

With the Habs and the Leafs having a long-establishing feud, especially when it comes to the fans, it was quite the bold move for Mr. Legault to make.

Legault has been showcasing his humour more than usual lately, especially on social media. The premier took to his TikTok page earlier last month to ask his followers which Quebec-based content creators he should follow.

François Legault went on to take two recommendations into consideration, and now follows two accounts and two accounts only.

With his recent social media activity garnering some laughs, it's clear François Legault isn't always about business.

Oh, and of course — Go Habs Go!

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