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This Map Shows You Where To Find The Best Fall Foliage In Quebec

The colours are changing slowly but surely. 😍

The Montreal Old Port in fall. Right: Quebec flag and fall colours.

The Montreal Old Port in fall. Right: Quebec flag and fall colours.

The shortest but prettiest season in Quebec is finally here. It means now is the perfect time to go on a road trip or hiking adventure to admire the trees turning orange and yellow before it gets icy cold outside.

But because gorgeous fall foliage doesn't happen overnight, you can use this map by Bonjour Québec, which follows the progression of the stunning phenomenon everywhere in la belle province.

Map 'Autumn in Quebec'Map 'Autumn in Quebec'Bonjour Quebec

The map is a good reference to make the most of autumn in Quebec and to avoid disappointment at your destination. It follows a colour code: green if the seasonal change has not yet started, yellow to indicate that some colours are appearing and orange to mark the middle of the phenomenon.

The colour red is the one to look for, indicating that the phenomenon is at its peak and that now is the time to hit the road. A brown dot means there is a decline and that the leaves might have started to fall. When the gray colour appears, it means you're too late.

The map is updated once a week every Thursday. On September 22, it appeared that the change in colour had started north and east of Montreal, including Mont-Tremblant, near the Dorwin Falls and around Trois-Rivières.

At the time of writing, Montrealers would have to venture far to catch the most brilliant foliage. Mont-Mégantic National Park and the ski resort Mont-Sainte-Anne just outside Quebec City are the closest places with orange dots.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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