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This Quebec Drive-In Theatre Serves Gourmet Meals & It Could Be The Perfect Summer Date

The perfect addition to your Quebec road trip. 🍿🌙😋

Ciné dans le pré attendees. Right: Ciné dans le pré screen and cars.

Ciné dans le pré attendees. Right: Ciné dans le pré screen and cars.

As if drive-in theatre dates weren't already romantic enough, a Quebec drive-in is hosting gourmet meal nights where patrons can enjoy dishes prepared by local chefs under the glow of the big screen.

The Ciné-Gourmand evenings at Ciné dans le pré in Baie-Saint-Paul will take place on Tuesdays beginning June 28. Chefs are challenged to create meals inspired by films in the theatre's program.

So far, it has enlisted four local restaurant owners: Patrick Dubé of Les Labours; Émile Tremblay and Sylvain Dervieux of Faux Bergers; and David Forbes of the new buvette at Camp Boule on the Massif de Charlevoix.

"It's a real pleasure to cook in such a fun setting with the challenge of matching the evening's menu to the film, a creative and fun little challenge," Forbes said in a press release.

So far, Ciné-Gourmand showings include the comedy #Chef on June 28 and the Grand Budapest Hotel on July 5.

Tickets are $45 per adult. Attendees will be able to pick up their pre-packaged meals before the movie.

Cin\u00e9-Gourmand attendees pick up their boxed meals.Ciné-Gourmand attendees pick up their boxed meals.Courtesy of Ciné dans le pré

Otherwise, Ciné dans le pré has an on-site canteen with candy, popcorn and drinks.

Also on the program this year at the Baie-Saint-Paul drive-in are Pétanque-Pizza Wednesdays, Documentary Thursdays, and Family Movie Fridays with movies including Encanto and PAW Patrol: The Movie (in French).

Screenings start at dusk. Movie-goers can bring their car or simply pull up a lawn chair.

It could be the perfect summer date night if you're in the Baie-Saint-Paul area this summer.

The full summer program is unfolding on the Ciné dans le pré website.

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