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Drive-In Movie Theatres Across Quebec Are Back This Summer — Here’s When They Open

Pack your snacks, a few blankets, and drive-in away! 🚘🍿🎥

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Person eating popcorn at Cine Parc Saint-Eustache, Right: Cine Parc Marche Aux Puces Saint-Eustache

Person eating popcorn at Cine Parc Saint-Eustache, Right: Cine Parc Marche Aux Puces Saint-Eustache

With warmer days ahead and summer well underway, drive-in movie theatres are set to be back in action across Quebec this summer airing an array of oldies and new releases for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy all season long.

Although many drive-in spots require a bit of a trek outside the Montreal area, you can still catch some outdoor movie action this summer right in the 514 during the Lachine Candal film noir screenings.

If a cruise over to a nearby drive-in or "ciné-parc"— 'cause let's be honest, it sounds so much cooler in French, is what you're looking for, then these are some spots that'll definitely give you those drive-in summer vibes you want.

Ciné Parc Mont St-Hilaire

Price: $11.50 per person or $30 per car.

When: As of April 15, 2022

Address: 800, chemin du Ciné Parc, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC


Ciné Parc Belle Neige

Price: $10.44 for adults

When: To be announced

Address: 6820, route 117, Val-David, QC


Ciné Parc Orford

Price: $32 per car and $12.50 for general admission

When: Starting May 6, 2022

Address: 2751, rue Roméo-Lacroix, Sherbrooke, QC


Ciné dans l'pré - Baie-Saint-Paul

Price: $11.50 for adults

When: Starting May 20, 2022

Address: 63, rue Ambroise Fafard, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC


Ciné Parc Saint-Eustache

Price: $10.44 for general admission.

When: Starting May 6, 2022

Address: 400, rue Hector-Lanthier, Saint-Eustache, QC


Cinéma Ciné Parc Paradiso Chandler

Price: $10 per person and $20 per car

When: Staring May 10, 2022

Address: 670, route du Petit-Pabos, Chandler, QC


Ciné-Parc et spectacles St-Ambroise

Price: $20 per car (*Per the 2021 pricing)

When: May 2022

Address: 500, route 172, Saint-Ambroise, QC


Jardin Royalmount

Price: 2022 prices to come

When: Starting May 20, 2022

Address: 8187, ch. Royden, Montreal, QC

Description: While Jardin Royalmount isn't your standard drive-in-style movie theatre, the outdoor garden is adorned with various seating areas made up of dining tables, chairs, and cabana-style sofas that allow you to watch an outdoor film in both comfort and style.


    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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