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Singer Tori Kelly Visited Canada & Tried Ruffles All-Dressed Chips For The First Time Ever (VIDEO)

Her reaction was exactly what you'd expect it to be.

Tori Kelly trying Ruffles All-Dressed chips during her Take Control tour in Toronto.

Tori Kelly trying Ruffles All-Dressed chips during her Take Control tour in Toronto.

Tori Kelly recently visited Canada and gave Ruffles all-dressed chips a try for the very first time and her reaction was exactly what you'd expect it to be (if you're a fan of all-dressed chips, of course). The singer, who is currently on her Take Control tour, had a stopover in Toronto on September 10 where she performed hits from her latest self-titled album.

Despite facing a health scare earlier this summer, Tori not only put out a brand new album but embarked on an eight-city North American tour. The 30-year-old took centre stage at The Axis Club (formerly known as The Mod Club) in Toronto and gave all-dressed chips a taste while backstage after receiving the snack from a Canadian fan.

Kelly posted her reaction to trying the Canadian classic snack on TikTok and it looks like she might have a new favourite chip flavour.


plz debate in the comments ketchup chips vs all dressed ready go 🇨🇦

Holding a value pack-sized bag of all-dressed chips, Kelly pulled out a single Ruffles chip, inspected its orange coating and gave the tangy snack a first taste.

"OK. All-dressed Ruffles. We are in Toronto," Tori said, Ruffles bag in hand. "It's my first time trying these. Here we go!"

Upon first glance, Kelly didn't seem too sure what to make of the flavour. However, it did not take much time for the onion, vinegar, salt and sweetness to come through, surprising her palate.

"Oh my god," Kelly said not once, but twice.

"Crazy?" a person off-camera asks. "Yo," Kelly retorted with an expression that can only be described as being in chip heaven.

"Really?" the off-camera person asked.

"It's like…they were right. It's everything on them," Kelly said approvingly. Well, hey. That's all-dressed for you, Tori.

Kelly also captioned the TikTok with a question that has sparked some major debate amongst her Canadian fans. "Please debate in the comments: ketchup chips vs. all-dressed. Ready? Go!" she wrote.

Fans immediately took the comments to share their thoughts, with many saying that all-dressed chips are superior to ketchup chips. Considering both are Canadian treasures, choosing a favourite is by no means an easy task, which is why some people in the comments chose to remain neutral.

"They both absolutely slap," one person wrote. "Canada really out here with free healthcare and the best chips. SAY LESS," another fan commented.

Well, that's settled. Not only are Canadians obsessed with all-dressed chips but we have successfully converted Tori Kelly into a fan, too.

Mission accomplished, Canada.

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