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Tremblant Is Reopening A Ton Of Activities For The Summer Including Its Enchanted Forest

You can have your summer weekend at Tremblant, after all.
Tremblant Is Reopening A Ton Of Activities For The Summer Including Its Enchanted Forest

The reopening plans keep rolling in. A day after Quebec announced that basically everything can reopen (with three exceptions), Tremblant followed with its own new list of activities that are set to resume in the coming weeks. Among them are the panoramic gondola ride and the Tonga Lumina enchanted forest, opening on June 27 and July 17, respectively.

"We’ve relaunched a number of activities and services over the past few weeks following the implementation of public health measures, and are now open for the summer, ready to greet visitors for a resort vacation where nature, the great outdoors and wide open spaces all converge," the world-famous destination announced on its website.

Other areas and activities set to open are the Mission Liberté (June 26), Mission Laser (June 26), Beach and Tennis Club (June 28), Parc Plage (June 28), and luge (July 4).

Of course, the reopening of the resort isn't without adjustments for the new reality.

In a Facebook video, Tremblant asks that hikers "give priority to those going up" and face away from others passing by if staying two metres away is impossible.

For other on-site activities, employees clean equipment after each use. Capacity is also limited at the resort's establishments.

For Montrealers, the reopening of Tremblant will be a welcome opportunity to escape the confines of the city.

The Tonga Lumina, especially, is a space where visitors can have some uniquely out-of-city fun in nature.

The "night walk" by the geniuses at Moment Factory takes explorers through multiple illuminated sites in search of an ancient giant hidden in the forest.

"The curious and inquisitive souls who set out to uncover the giant’s mysteries will embark on a quest where the real meets the fantastical," the Tonga Lumina website explains.

"Their precious amulet will help guide them to places that still bear the marks of the forgotten people’s veneration for their illustrious giant."

"Clues left along the winding path will guide you into the heart of this mysterious mountain."

Who's down for a weekend at Tremblant?

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