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10 Things Justin Trudeau Has Done Horribly Wrong As Canada's Prime Minister

Trudeau may be super photogenic, but when it comes to being the leader of the nation, he isn't always all that competent. 

Sure, Trudeau may be great for Canada's international PR, it's just that when it comes to things here at home the Prime Minister doesn't measure up. 

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Yes, Trudeau has done some pretty good things as Prime Minister. But he's also done some things horribly wrong, and because we should always hold our politicians accountable, here's a rundown of some of the worst things Trudeau has done as Prime Minister.  

1. Forgetting To Mention Alberta On Canada Day

Let’s start things off with a light (but still embarrassing) gaff by our Prime Minister, when he forgot to mention Alberta during a Canada Day speech. Everyone forgets about Alberta, but being the Prime Minister of Canada should make you the one person to never omit a province or territory when listing them all off. Not that anyone outside of Alberta really cared, it’s just quite the blunder on Trudeau’s part. 

2. Keeping Information Hidden From Canadians

Getting information from the Canadian government and its many branches, like the RCMP, is painstakingly difficult. Canadians have a right to “confidential” government information, we just need to send in an access to information request. These requests, however, can take a very long time to process, and under Trudeau, things have only gotten worse. Trudeau promised a more transparent government, but what we’ve got is the opposite, as vital information is more difficult to obtain than before. 

3. Spending $215,000 On A Vacation We All Paid For

Seriously, more than $215,000 for a vacation to the Bahamas, paid for by Canadian taxpayers? If that’s not enough to ruffle your feathers about Trudeau, I don’t know what is. In all fairness, that exorbitant price tag may not have been Trudeau’s fault, at least not completely, but it’s still ridiculous. 

4. Letting The Opioid Crisis Claim Too Many Canadian Lives

Let’s face it, the Trudeau government has been sluggish to respond to Canada’s ongoing opioid crisis. Sixteen Canadians are hospitalized each and every day due to opioid poisonings, and the federal government has done little to curb this phenomenon. Mostly, it’s been up to cities to respond. The federal government could take action, decriminalizing heroin or cocaine would be a big step forward on this, yet we’ve seen nothing of the sort or similar. Canada’s current approach simply isn’t working and Canadians are dying. It’s time Trudeau did something about it. 

5. Keeping Canada Environmentally Friendly 

Ending fossil fuel subsidies was an electoral promise made by Trudeau, a move that was supposed to make Canada a greener nation. Then, when the Liberal Party budget came out, we got nothing of the sort. In fact, some fossil fuel subsidies are going to stay around until 2025 under Trudeau’s plan. 

6. The Trans Mountain Pipeline

Speaking of environmental gaffs, let’s not forget about the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Here we have Trudeau showing his true colours, because while he’s all about forward-thinking and environmentalism in theory, on paper he’s a money-oriented kind of guy. The controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline is in Canada’s “best interest” says Trudeau, which is strange given the amount of Canadians who protested against the pipeline. 

7. Discriminating Against Gay Men

If you aren’t a guy who sleeps with guys, you probably don’t know about a wildly discriminatory law in Canada that says, if you sleep with men, you can’t give blood. Well, you can, as long as you don’t have sex with another man for five years. Crazy to think about, but it’s true, a byproduct of HIV/AIDS hysteria. Trudeau promised to abolish this law but instead altered it slightly. The new rule is that a guy can’t have sex for a year with another man if they want to give blood. Yup, still pretty backwards and unrealistic. 

8. Not Extending Parental Leave For Parents

Canada is one of the worst places to have kids, mainly because parents have such a short amount of paid time to spend with their kids. Trudeau promised to extend parental leave to 18 months, yet we’ve heard nothing on the matter since the Prime Minister came to power. Technically, Trudeau hasn’t broken this promise yet, but complete inaction (thus far) is just as frustrating. 

9. Putting Canada Into Even Deeper Debt

A debt-free nation is next to impossible. Trudeau, however, did make promises when it came to budgeting and debt. For the year of 2016-17, Trudeau pledged to a $9.9 billion deficit. The deficit came to be $23 billion in that year. This year, Trudeau promised a $9.5 billion deficit, but in reality it’s probably going to be more around $28.5 billion. Spending more on Canadians is great, but when a politician does the complete opposite of what they said they were going to do, you have to call their leadership into question.  

10. No Electoral Reform

Back when Trudeau was campaigning, he made a big point of saying how Canada’s current electoral system was flawed. We all agreed because the “first past the post” system makes very little sense. But then, at some point, the Trudeau government said “Nah, we’re actually going to keep things as is” and completely abandoned the promise. No one really knows why, but one could hazard a guess that electoral reform probably wasn’t all that beneficial to the Liberal Party. 

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