16 Hidden Swimming Spots Near Montreal

A bucket list of grottos, lazy rivers and lakes to explore!
16 Hidden Swimming Spots Near Montreal
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This article was originally published in March 2019.

Although there's still snow on the ground and the temperatures still require us to wear our winter coats, spring is just around the corner. Later this week, the city is expecting to hit the double-digits, meaning within no time you'll be able to put on your flannels and light jackets and head outdoors for one of the best times of the year.

When it comes to spring, you definitely don't want to just stay within the city and miss out on everything going on with nature. That's why this spring, you have a bit of road tripping to do — specifically to some pretty amazing grottos, waterfalls and quarries all pretty close to Montreal.

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TL;DR Looking for a quick spring getaway to a gorgeous grotto, waterfall or quarry this year? Look no further. Below are 10 stunning locations close to Montreal that you need to visit this season.

Seriously, these are all adventures you definitely don't want to miss out on during spring 2019! So, grab some rainboots, prepare for a day spent outdoors, pick one of the many gorgeous locations below, and hit the road!

Grottos and Quarries:

Watkins Glen State Park

Drive time: 5 hrs 38 min

Located in the park is a breathtaking hidden grotto that you have to know about to find. If you were looking to find something that came straight out of a fantasy book, this is it. The streams, waterfalls, and bridges are perfect backdrops for your picture collection.

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Morrison's Quarry

Drive time: 2 hrs 28 min

The quarry can be found in Chelsea, a small town in Quebec north of Ottawa. What's amazing about Morrison's Quarry is that you'll hardly be able to tell you never left the province while visiting due to the sandy shore and crystal blue waters. You can also take part in activities such as snorkelling, bungee jumping, and even scuba diving! It's the perfect spot to visit if you were looking for your next weekend getaway.

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Rattlesnake Pool

Drive time: 4 hours

Located in Evans Notch, Maine is the stunning Rattlesnake Pool. The spot is most known for its sapphire waters that will have you feeling like you're visiting a Caribbean island! The pool is surrounded by a giant forest and overall is a great escape from city life.

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Ausable Chasm

Drive time: 1 hr 25 min

This gorge is surprisingly closer to Montreal than Mont-Tremblant, despite being located in New York. Featuring stunning rock formations and captivating rivers, this is the perfect place to enjoy adventure trails, night tours, rock climbing, zip lines, rappelling, rafting, and lazy river tubing!

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Warren Falls

Drive time: 2 hrs 30 min

The gorgeous tropical green waters will be hard to not visit if you're looking for a road trip to Vermont this spring. The large swimming holes are perfect for one of the warmer spring days later this season. You can also hike along the rocks and experience scenic views.

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Freedlyville Quarry

Drive time: 4 hours

Visiting this Vermont quarry during the middle of a spring blossom will make you feel like you've entered a tropical oasis. For optimal experience, bring a car that can use 4WD to get over all of the rocks and bumps. Just a quick scan through Instagram proves how gorgeous this underrated spot is.

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Rock of Ages Granite Quarry

Drive time: 2 hrs 30 min

This Vermont quarry is super well known for its unbelievable granite rocks. The milky-green water is absolutely astounding and is perfect for wow-ing your social media followers with up-close photos.

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Saint-Elzéar Grotto

Drive time: 9 hrs 7 min

Yes, the drive to this gorgeous location is a bit far, but sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to really experience the true beauty of nature. Located in Quebec's Gaspésie region, you'll be taken away by all that there is to do and see, including this cute little grotto.

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Chute Montmorency

Drive time: 2 hrs 43 min

You've probably heard of Quebec's Chute Montmorency waterfall before, but you have to see it to believe it. The park surrounding the falls also has some pretty awesome activities including zip-lining and hiking for even better views of the water. Fun fact: Montmorency Falls happens to be higher than Niagara Falls.

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Chutes Sainte Anne

Drive time: 3 hrs 8 min

Not only is this the location of a gorgeous waterfall, but it's also a canyon! Chutes Sainte-Anne is located right inside the Sainte-Anne Canyon, so not only is this an impressive and gorgeous waterfall to visit, but you also have the chance to explore hiking trails complete with three suspension bridges that offer an unbeatable view of the waterfall.

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Chutes de Sainte-Ursule

Drive time: 1 hr 24 min

The shorter drive outside of the city will reward you with some of the most enchanting sights you never thought existed so close to the city. If you wanted to extend your trip to spend more time near the waterfall, Parc des Chutes de Sainte-Ursule offers chalets for rent which would give you more time to visit the suspension bridge, have a picnic next to the water and so much more.

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Chutes Coulonge

Drive time: 3 hrs 49 min

If you love nature, you'll instantly fall in love with Chutes Coulonge, which happens to be surrounded by amazing hiking trails, zip-lining, camping and more. The waterfall itself is also an amazing place to take breathtaking photos and relax while listening to the water crash against rocks.

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Chutes De Plaisance

Drive time:1 hr 42 min

Plaisance Falls is located within a Canadian historical site, making it the perfect place to brush up on your knowledge of history while visiting the enchanting falls. Explore the many lookouts, viewpoints, picnic areas and activities the gorgeous site offers. Needless to say, this might just be your next spring road trip.

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Chutes Waber

Drive time: 1 hr 58 min

Just under two hours away from Montreal, Chutes Waber is located in Quebec's La Mauricie National Park. The falls are made even better by being located right in the middle of one of Canada's National Parks, as it only adds to the number of activities you can do during your stay! Chutes Waber looks like it's straight out of a fairytale, which might make it even harder to ever want to leave.

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Chute Vaureal

Drive time: 21 hrs 30 min

Being the longest road trip on this entire list, you probably won't want to take on the challenge of visiting the beautiful Chute Vaureal unless you've got some time on your hands. After driving for quite a bit, you have to board a ferry to officially get to your destination. The journey is totally worth it though, as the hidden spot will make you feel like you've entered another universe. L'Île-de-Anticosti (the island you'll find the waterfall on) is also the perfect place to take up hiking during your spring getaway.

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Chutes De La Chaudiere

Drive time: 2 hrs 23 min

Right in our own backyard is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls you might ever witness in your life. Chutes De La Chaudiere will make you question if you're still in the province with how incredibly massive these falls are. There are also a bunch of things to do in the park surrounding the falls, such as hike and mountain bike, you'll definitely never want to leave. Really, this place is a bucket list must this spring.

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So, where will you be travelling this spring 2019?