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8 Things That Feel Like They MUST Be From Quebec But Aren't

Don't worry, poutine is 100% Québécois.
8 Things That Feel Like They MUST Be From Quebec But Aren't

If you've got social media, you've probably seen the trend going around: "What's something that FEELS Canadian but isn't?" asked the CBC. Well, because we here in Quebec like to give things our own Québécois flair, we decided to take it one step further and ask "What are things that feel like they're from Quebec, but aren't?"

Despite Quebec leading the country in things like music, fashion and history, even we have to admit when something comes from somewhere else.

Some on this list may be obvious, while others may catch you by surprise.

But no stress, our dear dish of poutine is 100% our own.

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Avril Lavigne

Origin: Belleville, Ontario

Why We Think It's From Quebec: Her name, but only her paternal grandfather was actually from la belle province. The woman we thought was one of our great Québécoise figures actually isn't — I know this one will upset '90s babies.


Origin: Unknown, Thought to be Egyptians, Persians, Arabs and Greeks

Why We Think It's From Quebec: It's on the flag and is a prominent symbol of French-Canadian culture. And, we all know someone from Quebec who has this symbol tattooed...

La Grande Roue de Montréal

Origin: Bulgaria

Why We Think It's From Quebec: Montreal's big wheel may be one of the most iconic parts of the Old Port, but it's actually from Europe.

La Vie en Rose

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Why We Think It's From Quebec: The name may be French, but the company was actually founded in a different Canadian province.


Origin: Middle East (the object, not the swear word)

Why We Think It's From Quebec: It may be one of Quebec's most popular swear words, but the actual tabernacle comes from the Book of Exodus.

Ice Hockey

Origin: England

Why We Think It's From Quebec: While the first recorded game may have been on our island of Montreal, research has shown that hockey actually originates on another island, the UK.


Origin: China

Why We Think It's From Quebec: Seriously, every time Quebec snowbirds go to Cuba, they ask if they can have some ketchup with their meal. It's basically part of our blood. But in reality, it originates from a fish paste in Ancient China.

Orange Traffic Cones

Origin: United States

Why We Think They're From Quebec: Because they're EVERYWHERE. So you'd probably think we made them too, right? But nope! The traffic cones we know and love were first invented by Charles D. Scanlon, a man from Los Angeles, California.

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