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8 Weird & Wonderful Wild Animals That You Won't Believe Live In Quebec

Hoping we get to spot them all with our own eyes one day.
Staff Writer
8 Weird & Wonderful Wild Animals That You Won't Believe Live In Quebec

Here at MTL Blog, we love weird and wonderful wild critters and just can't help but to write about them. This time, we decided to go out of the city and find some surprising animals that live in Quebec

Thanks to the province's Ministry of Forests, Fauna, and Parks, here are eight of the strangest animals that call Quebec home! 

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Northern and Southern Flying Squirrel

Tony Campbell | Dreamstime

It's a bird... It's a plane... No — it's a squirrel!

Spiny Softshell Turtle 

Matthijs Kuijpers | Dreamstime

This goofy-looking dude is one of the largest freshwater turtles in North America.


Esmeralda Edenberg | Dreamstime

They make look cute and cuddly but they will absolutely ruin you if you make them mad.

Harlequin Duck

Brian Kushner | Dreamstime

The males look like they belong in a glam rock band to attract mates (classic).

Star Nosed Mole 

Wikimedia Commons

It's kinda gross, kinda terrifying, but also kinda cute at the same time.

Arctic Fox

Moose Henderson | Dreamstime

Arguably the best fox.


Stanislav Duben | Dreamstime

These are the largest (and coldest) falcons on earth!

Smooth Green Snake

Jason P Ross | Dreamstime

"I'm a snaaaake, I'm a slithery little snakey snake."

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