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A Man Who Faked Being A Cop Tried To Kidnap A Montreal Woman, But She Escaped From His Car

The attempted kidnapping took place in Outremont on Friday, August 7.
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A Man Who Faked Being A Cop Tried To Kidnap A Montreal Woman, But She Escaped From His Car

The world we live in provides so many heartbreaking reminders of the need to be vigilant at all times — due to the bad that exists around us. A post recently started circulating online in which a 16-year-old teen* shared her story of being the victim of an attempted kidnapping in Montreal's Outremont borough. MTL Blog spoke with the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), who confirmed that the story the post discussed was true.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

SPVM spokesperson Raphaël Bergeron told us that the incident took place on the afternoon of Friday, August 7, just before four o'clock, near Outremont Park.

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Bergeron explained that a man pulled up next to her in his car telling the teenager* that he was an investigator for the SPVM and that she was a "suspect" for one of his current cases.

This then led to, as Officer Bergeron worded it, the perpetrator telling the girl she was under arrest and needed to go with him.

The victim told Global News that the man forced her into his car by handcuffing her and then continued to blindfold her, which is when the victim says she realized "something was up."

Eventually, she ended up managing to force her way out of the man's car.

Global News reported that bystanders who witnessed the victim forcing herself out of the man's vehicle quickly called the police.

"One witness was even able to take a photo of the suspect's licence plate as he sped off."

The SPVM told us that perpetrator ended up getting arrested shortly afterwards.

And, turns out this 43-year-old man is "well-known" by the Montreal police.

This is because of his previous acts of sexual abuse in both Montreal and Laval — as told to us by the SPVM.

His name is Michel Cox.

It was confirmed to MTL Blog that Cox appeared in court on Saturday, August 8, and will be facing "several charges."

His hearing is set to be on August 20, and the SPVM spokesperson reassured us that he will remain in custody until then.

This cover photo was used for illustrative purposes only.

* This article has been updated.

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