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Best Montreal 24-Hour Cafés & Places To Study

For the student that never sleeps.
Best Montreal 24-Hour Cafés & Places To Study

Final exams! Bleeding hearts! Kids are stressed and smoking darts! Here’s a list of the best places in Montreal to hunker down and study, or grab a good bite once you’re done for the night. All locations listed are open 24/7. Features like free Wi-Fi, outlet availability, crowdedness, and food/coffee quality were all taken into consideration. If you know of any 24-hour spots we missed, let us know!

Café Milano

5190 rue Jarry Est:

  • Montreal’s historic Café Milano is a premium 24/hour spot. With amazing cannoli and juicy eggplant parms, this Italian café, while a bit isolated, offers a 24/hour food and hangout service that can’t be beat. Wi-Fi rating: uncertain.
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Café Noir

440 Mont Royal Est:

  • Located right next to the Mont Royal Metro, provides free Wi-Fi, 24/hour service, and adequate filter coffee for studying!
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Second Cup

Every location may be crowded, if you get there early, or super late, you might find some seating. Standard Second Cup food and coffee with free Wi-Fi. Each location is very spacious, with plenty of outlets and seating, and best of all, free Wi-Fi!

Here are Montreal's 24hr Second Cup locations:

  • 1. 3498 Ave. du Parc
  • 2. 1122 Sainte-Catherine Rue W
  • 3. 2200 Ave. McGill College
  • 4. 5206, chemin de la Cote Des Neiges
  • 5. 1351 Ste. Catherine St. Est
  • 6. 3315 Queen Mary Rd
  • 7. 1602 Ste. Catherine St. Ouest, Unit C. “La Tour du Faubourg”

Miami Deli

3090 Sherbrooke Est

  • Miami Deli is a 24/hour breakfast spot. Although it doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, Miami Deli serves good breakfast foods around the clock and always has plenty of available booths inside.
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3700 Côte-Ste-Catherine, 1407 Fort, and 1684 de Maisonneuve Ouest

  • BattleNet24 is one of Montreal’s 24/hour Cyber-Cafes. There is Internet access, gaming terminals, and generally some space to study.
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1737 St. Denis

  • Netopia is another excellent offering from the very real world of Cyber-Cafes. Open 24/hours. Internet access. Assume there is space for studying, unless there’s some international gaming thing!
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Moe’s Casse Croute Du Coin

  • 1455 Lambert-Closse
  • This classic diner is open 24/hours. Despite not having Wi-Fi, Moe’s could be a great place to cram down some good food and cram for those exams! Try the Grand Slam or the Big Ed burger. Service is immediate and extremely hospitable.

Le Resto du Village

1310 rue Wolfe

  • If you’re in the village and need great breakfast foods and/or poutine at 4AM after a night of studying, come to Le Resto. With free Wi-Fi and a steady stream of food, you could even study here!
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Dunn’s Famous Steakhouse Delicatessen

1249 Rue Metcalfe

  • Not exactly study-friendly, Dunn’s is nonetheless a must-try Montreal spot for late night smoked meat, poutine, hamburgers, etc. No Wi-Fi, so come with textbooks or just an empty stomach for post-study + late-night eats.
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Tim Horton’s

  • Tim Horton’s, enough said. When all else fails, and finals are breathing down your neck, head to Timmy Ho’s. Great coffee, open seating, free Wi-Fi, and delicious donuts await you.

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