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Bill & Hillary Clinton Were Spotted In A Quebec Store

Here's where they went.

Bill & Hillary Clinton Were Spotted In A Quebec Store

Some high-profile Americans are taking advantage of Canadian border rule changes.

Sutton, Quebec spokesperson Isabelle Capmas confirmed to MTL Blog that Bill and Hillary Clinton were spotted in at least one store, kitchen accessory boutique Atelier Bouffe, in the Estrie town's centre on Wednesday.

Google Maps

Capmas said it was possible they visited other stores, too.

A photo of the power couple was posted to the City of Sutton's Facebook page according to Global News reporter Michael Armstrong but had to be taken down, Capmas said, due to an "outburst of abusive and defamatory comments," though a majority of commenters expressed enthusiasm.

The Clintons seem to have a fondness for the scenic Eastern Townships. Reports in 2017 documented the Clintons' visit to the town of North Hatley.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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