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Here's A First Look At Bleu Lavande's New Location & Immersive Experience (PHOTOS)

The immersive experience "Chromatic Fields" is an absolute must-see. 😍
Here's A First Look At Bleu Lavande's New Location & Immersive Experience (PHOTOS)

The oh-so-loved lavender farm Bleu Lavande's brand new location opened as of June 7 and it makes for the perfect little escape from Montreal.

Bleu Lavande has officially moved from its well-known location in Stanstead to a new home in Magog, in the Eastern Townships.

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The new spot is made up of both an indoor and outdoor "discovery area" where you can learn all about lavender.  

During the off-season when the fields are closed, Bleu Lavende will continue to offer an immersive experience called Champs Chromatiques ("Chromatic Fields"), an indoor simulation emulating the sights and sounds of the lavender fields swaying in the wind.

[rebelmouse-image 26878335 photo_credit="Courtesy of Moment Factory" expand=1 original_size="6000x3288"] Courtesy of Moment Factory

The new location also has a picnic space, gourmand area, places to relax, a gardening area, a boutique and a workshop area.

[rebelmouse-image 26878336 photo_credit="Courtesy of Bleu Lavande" expand=1 original_size="1464x1148"] Courtesy of Bleu Lavande

And no need to worry, you're able to bring your furry friends on a lease outside, so they can take in all the pretty views too.

If you're a true lavender fan, you can get a summer pass for only $25 and you'll be able to go whenever you please.

Bleu Lavande

Address: 2525, rue Principal O. (route 112), Magog, QC 

Cost before tax: Adults: $15

Seniors (65 and older): $12

Students (18-25, must present a valid student card): $12

Teens (13-17): $8, free if accompanied by an adult

Children (12 and under): Free

Family Package one (one adult with children/teens): $15

Family Package two (two adults with children/teens): $30

Summer pass: $25

Why You Need To Go: To take in all the sweet smells of lavender on a lovely summer's day.


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