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Flower farm La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac one hour southwest of Montreal in Montérégie has announced the dates of its flower-picking season and sunflower field visits.

The self-pick flower extravaganza, dubbed Festifleurs, officially begins July 23. 

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The oh-so-loved lavender farm Bleu Lavande's brand new location opened as of June 7 and it makes for the perfect little escape from Montreal.

Bleu Lavande has officially moved from its well-known location in Stanstead to a new home in Magog, in the Eastern Townships.

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Summer in Quebec is made up of nice weather, blooming flowers and outdoor activities. To make the most of the sweet joys of summer, here are six flower fields near Montreal for you to visit.

Some places even let you pick your own bouquets so you can come home with a souvenir!

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Tulip season has officially begun at, the tulip fields near Montreal where you can pick your own tulips. The fields reopened for flower-picking on May 1. 

In an Instagram announcement, made sure to mention that it reopened on Saturday because "many of our clients prefer closed tulips." If you prefer to see more colour, it's recommended that you wait a few more days. 

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There's nothing Montrealers love more than exploring the natural beauty all around, like the dreamy fields of Bleu Lavande. Moving to a new location less than an hour and a half from the city, it's the perfect place to go when you're in need of an escape not just in the summer, but now throughout the year.

MTL Blog reached out to Bleu Lavande to learn all about its plans for the new season and its new location.

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Quebec is home to some stunning flower fields and farms, however none compare to this stunning "pick your own" flower field located near Montreal. With a variety of flowers ranging from sunflowers, daisies, tulips and many more, you can expect to make a beautiful bouquet and take some fabulous Instas!

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