Winter means hot chocolate season, but when is Puff season you may ask? Well, anytime, of course. Mr. Puffs wants to help you get through the chilliest time of the year with an amazing hot chocolate and puff promo.

From January 11 to January 31, head into any Mr. Puffs location to buy a cup of artisanal hot chocolate and get six Puffs totally free. There's a limit of two hot chocolates per customer.

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Of course, this offer is for takeout only and will run until 7:30 p.m. each day to comply with the new curfew. 

Only the signature Puffs will be available for the promo, so that means no add-ons, like Oreo and Kit Kat.

But the good news is that it includes flavours like Creamy Caramel, Chocoberry and Crème à l'érable. 

There are even nut-free options (though they may contain traces of allergens), like WOWButter & chocolate and WOWButter & jam (strawberry, blueberry or raspberry), as well as vegan options, like sugar-cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. 

Although all of the Puffs themselves are vegan.

Be sure to head to a location while you can because before you know it, it'll be over and then Puff. It's gone!

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