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Waffles in the shape of a penis have been the talk of the town for the past few months, and this naughty pastry is now being offered in the shape of a vulva by a brand new waffle shop, Marbello Gaufres Et Délices, in Côte-des-Neiges.

"The concept of waffles in the shape of male and female genitals is already known in many parts of the world, especially in Paris, where the concept was very popular. [...] We thought why not have them in Montreal as well, that's where our story started," said Adam, owner of Marbello Gaufres Et Délices, told Narcity Media.

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Hot weather arriving in Montreal can only mean one thing: ice cream season is upon us. Seriously, there is no better summer activity than exploring the city with ice cream as your guide — checking Montreal ice cream spots off your summer bucket list as you go.

Here are 16 bucket list ice cream spots in the Montreal area that you have to try this summer!

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If you ever thought traditional waffles shapes were just too boring, then you might want to check out the naughty waffles from Montreal's Zizi Pop.

The waffle vendor — the first of its kind in Canada, according to Narcity Québec — is set to open on April 9.

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When we think of tasty breakfast food, both croissants and waffles come to mind — and LApop in Montreal has found a way to combine the two to make the ultimate dessert.

Cronuts are so 2012... 2021 is all about "The Croffle Pop!"

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There's nothing like inhaling a few Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts when they're fresh out of the oven.

The melt-in-your-mouth doughnut shop just announced four new "Dessert Mini" flavours and  — good news — all three Montreal-area locations are carrying them now until January 31.

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Winter means hot chocolate season, but when is Puff season you may ask? Well, anytime, of course. Mr. Puffs wants to help you get through the chilliest time of the year with an amazing hot chocolate and puff promo.

From January 11 to January 31, head into any Mr. Puffs location to buy a cup of artisanal hot chocolate and get six Puffs totally free. There's a limit of two hot chocolates per customer.

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Canadian coffee staple and mediocre donut-maker Tim Hortons released Canadians' favourite menu items and most frequent orders from last year.

The top picks vary from province to province and also include Canada's top three Tim Hortons coffee orders.  

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Montreal companies know their clientele, and by that, I mean they know that Montrealers love the good things in life, especially food and booze.

And, one local company has found a way of combining both of those things in the sweetest possible way.

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When it comes to desserts in our city, the options are endless. And Elita Delight is one of those Montreal companies that create exactly what you're looking for.

The company's most loved product is its chocolate-covered strawberries, which you can have personalized to say whatever you want for the person you're gifting them to (or for yourself).

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There are a few things us 514 locals can't avoid: good food, construction, and of course, harsh winters. And with the cold right around the corner, it's about to become hot chocolate season in Montreal.

This warm drink is a go-to for so many of us during the cold winters in our city and a local company is taking this warm, sweet drink to an entirely new level.

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It's officially autumn — the leaves are changing and the chilly air has returned. A favourite season for Montrealers, it's a time of warm sweaters... and indulging our sweet tooth. After all, what better way is there to warm your bones than with some warm apple cider, pumpkin spice treats, and - of course - chocolate?

To celebrate this nostalgic time of year, Chocolats Favoris has released their 2020 autumn menu. With locations all over the city, this chocolaterie is specialized in bringing desserts across Montreal since 1979.

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What is it about Nutella that's so damn good? The chocolate hazelnut spread has a devout fanbase that claims it lives up to its "happiness in a jar" tagline — which is why no one would judge you if wanted to buy a whole gallon of it. And you'd only have to drive 20 minutes to the new Costco outside Montreal to do so. 

The Costco Business Centre is a special kind of Costco that opened September 29 in Saint-Hubert. It's only the second of its kind in Canada, and 70% of its items cannot be found at a regular Costco.

While it caters to the needs of businesses, regular Costco members can shop there too, which comes in handy if you like to buy in bulk. Super mega bulk

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