The Fraser Institute has just released a ranking of Quebec high schools.

Sure, we've all read a-million-and-one university rankings and, if you're like me, did so before you chose a school and afterwards to see just how the old alma mater is keeping up now that you're gone.

But... have you ever wondered how your high school stacked up against the rest?

Well, the Fraser Institute has just released a "Report Card" of all Quebec secondary schools for 2019. Sure, this is a resource likely created for parents who are wondering where to send their snotty 13-year-old. 

But it also provides a fun little jaunt down memory lane, to our own time in high school — as well as the opportunity to brag about how that school ranks up against the rest in Quebec... or laugh about how poorly it has done.

The ranking looks at "463 public, independent, francophone and anglophone schools" and scores them based on "results from province-wide tests in French, English, science and mathematics."

According to the news release, 44 schools, both public and independent, show significant improvement from last year, while about 52 schools showed a noticeable decline in performance.

And of the top 10 schools this year, five of them are in Montreal and one in Westmount... so the city is doing a pretty good job.

To start, here are the top 10 schools and their location, as ranked by the Fraser Institute's High School Report Card for Quebec, including their score out of 10:

1. École d'éducation internationale, McMasterville - 10/10

2. Jean-de-Brébeuf, Montréal - 9.9/10

3. Jean-Eudes, Montréal - 9.9/10

4. Jean de la Mennais, La Prairie - 9.8/10

5. Collège Saint-Louis, Montréal - 9.8/10 

6. École internationale de Montréal, Westmount - 9.7/10

7. Saint-Nom-de-Marie, Montréal - 9.6/10

8. Saint-Sacrement, Terrebonne - 9.5/10

9. Saint-Joseph de Hull, Gatineau - 9.5/10

10. Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Montréal - 9.5/10

Take note that some of these schools have achieved the same score, so Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Saint-Sacrement are both technically in spot #8 when considering ranking.

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And the worst schools? Well, here they are, the bottom 10 schools listed of the 463 Quebec secondary schools that were ranked:

454. Phoenix, Laval - 2.1/10

455. Marie-Anne, Montréal - 1.9/10

456. des Hauts Sommets, Saint-Tite-des-Caps - 1.8/10

457. Antoine-Roy, Gaspé - 1.7/10

458. Curé-Hébert, Hébertville - 1.3/10

459. Perspectives II, Montréal - 1.1/10

460. Chomedey-De-Maisonneuve, Montréal - 0.9/10

461. James Lyng, Montréal - 0.6/10

462. du Tournant, Saint-Constant - 0/10

463. Voyageur Memorial, Mistissini - 0/10

I have to wonder if those last two schools maybe don't participate in the standardized testing that the rest of the schools are ranked on cause... how exactly you do you get a zero?

Also, this bottom 10 ranking also goes to show that we've got some schools that need work here in Montreal, too, just like we've got some all-star top-10 winners. 

Although I do think it's interesting that student grades are the only ranking indicators of this report card, unlike popular university rankings that also consider teacher performance and aspects of student life.

This ranking also highlights what a privilege it can be to live in a city or metropolis that has such an abundance of choice when it comes to schools... guaranteed there are areas in Quebec that only have one school to serve the high school population, and if it's ranked a 5, that's all you get.

So, how did your school do?

You can find your high school on the ranking list right here, and then go tag your high school bestie and have a laugh about the good old days when you'd talk all the way through science class and show up the next day without the homework done because you were never paying attention.

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